chloe lukasiak left the hit Lifetime series "Dance Moms" in 2013, after Abby Lee Miller made fun of something she couldn't help: her eye. The young dancer left the show and eventually went on to star in several films and create her own success via her YouTube channel. However, the star has been itching to return to the dance world, and she and her mother, Christi, made the decision to return to the series for Season 7B. Because of Chloe's issues with Abby, the young dancer decided not to dance with her as her coach, but she eventually got to reunite with her friends under the direction of "Dancing with the Stars" star, Cheryl Burke.

Chloe reunites with her old dance team

Chloe returned to "Dance Moms" in last night's episode, stating that she was missing the dance competition. Her mother put her on the team Murietta Dance Project, which is one of Abby Lee Miller's studio's biggest rivals. In the next episode, she will dance with the team against her old teammates and hopes to secure the win against them. But during a poignant moment on the show, the young dancer broke down at the studio, saying she wishes she was competing with her "old team," but obviously not Abby Lee Miller. Although audiences don't yet know the catalyst for Chloe reuniting with her old team, it appears that she will be doing so after the team leaves Abby Lee Miller to go and dance with Cheryl Burke.

Abby Lee Miller versus Cheryl Burke

Cheryl Burke has not yet appeared on the show, but fans already know that she will be making an appearance to coach the girls. She has already expressed she thought that Abby was unduly harsh on the young women, and that she wanted to help raise them up instead of tear them down. Chloe recently appeared on E!

News where she dished on the details of the differences in their coaching styles.

"She was great. She was very encouraging, which was very refreshing, because I was used to harsh criticism, to say politically correct," Chloe said, as her mother, Christi Lukasiak nodded and agreed with her.

In the last episode, the girls worked with Laurieann Gibson, a choreographer who has worked with the likes of Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga.

She remarked that the girls are used to criticism that is incredibly harsh and unproductive, so instead, the girls have stated that compared to Abby, she is tough, but not mean. Instead, she encourages the "Dance Moms" girls to find their voice when it comes to their dancing.