Christi Lukasiak, her daughter Chloe, and Kendall Vertes recalled their experience working with Abby Lee Miller on "Dance Moms" before the instructor was found guilty of bankruptcy fraud in May. In an interview with ET Online this weekend, Christi made it clear that she is no longer friends with the TV personality after years of working with her.

'Dance Moms' instructor faces prison for bankruptcy fraud

The 40-year-old mom admitted that she was not surprised upon learning about Abby Lee Miller's prison sentence for failing to disclose her income from her international gigs.

ET did mention that she was rather "vague" as to why she was not surprised, but she did indicate that she has known the dance instructor for a very long time, and "there's a lot of history there."

The "Dance Moms" star also revealed that she did not watch Abby Lee Miller's special series which featured the instructor's remaining days outside of prison. “I wouldn't watch. I wouldn't give her the ratings,” Christi explained, adding that she was "traumatized" after she had worked with the instructor in the past.

Chloe, on the other hand, credited the former "Dance Moms" instructor for giving her enough confidence to pursue her craft. "I think I was meant to have that good and bad experience, and learn and grow from it.

It definitely gave me a thick skin, which is crucial for this industry," she told the publication.

The 16-year-old dancer went on to recall her departure from the reality show after four seasons and how it has affected her relationship with her co-stars. Chloe admitted that things got awkward between them until she returned to the show and picked up where she left off with her co-stars.

Her mom shared the same sentiment and explained how it felt like they never left "Dance Moms" because of how their co-stars are treating them. Meanwhile, Kendall Vertes sent her well-wishes to her former dance instructor who is currently serving her 366-day prison sentence.

'Dance Moms' hires new instructor to replace Abby Lee Miller

The 14-year-old dancer continued by expressing her excitement about having Cheryl Burke on "Dance Moms" to replace Abby Lee Miller. Kendall Vertes commended the "Dancing with the Stars" pro for the way she manages and teaches them. She also added that Cheryl Burke has brought positive energy to the program but hinted that the new season is still filled with drama.

Just like her, Chloe could not hide her excitement to have Cheryl Burke as their instructor for the new season. "She really got us and took us under her wing," she mused.