Abby Lee Miller headed off to prison in July and unless her sentence is reduced, the former "Dance Moms" star can expect to remain in the California prison for one day and one year. There have been many reports about Abby's struggles since turning herself in. Now it looks like the ALDC owner is looking to tell the story in her own words, or at least in the words of her ghost writer.

Abby Lee hires a ghostwriter

Radar Onlne reported that claims that Abby Lee Miller is planning a post-prison autobiography. The thing is, she's still in prison but getting ready so that her freedom date and book launch won't be far apart.

Despite plans to release a memoir about her time at FCI Victorville, the gossip rag reports that Abby Lee hasn't done much beyond hiring a ghost writer because her prison stay has her occupied. They claim that the former "Dance Moms" coach has been spending much of her time crying about her current situation. It seems that incarceration isn't what Miller had anticipated.

Former 'Dance Moms' star struggles in prison

Other Radar Online reports have been similarly harsh on the former Lifetime star. One claimed that Abby was upset over prison conditions and felt that her prison facility should be more posh. The reality star allegedly wanted a cell to herself rather than having a roommate. They also claimed that Abby Lee Miller wanted her meals specially made by a prison chef.

Now we know that Abby Lee hired a coach to get her prison ready in the days before she turned herself in. Surely they told her that meals were not made to order and that this was a prison, not a hotel so sleeping arrangements weren't going to be cozy.

Maybe Abby heard all of those stories about federal prison being cushy and thought it would be like a big, year-long vacation.

Prior to her incarceration, she even joked about how she would pretend they were just filming a movie. Now that she's inside, it doesn't feel so pretend anymore.

While most celebrities receive some sort of special treatment while they spend time in jail, it seems that Abby Lee Miller's celebrity status may have made her sentence harder.

Many inmates were reportedly upset that she was at FCI Victorville because they took extra precautions to ensure her privacy rather than her comfort. That included ending video conference calls according to multiple reports.

It seems that someone (like that consultant she hired) should have coached Abby on the how to use her commissary balance in order to buy favors and friends during her stay. Of course, she could be doing all that now and we just hear rumors about her. We'll probably find out when Abby Lee Miller gets out of prison and releases an autobiography.