As the most famous star of “Dance Moms,” Maddie Ziegler is one of the dancers that know a lot about the show. When she revealed that they were told to yell at fellow dancers at times for the ratings, she seemed to be telling the truth. She also disclosed that the moms were also told to fight just for the cameras, and later, they just talked and laughed about the episode.

‘Dance Moms’ was allegedly scripted during Abby Lee Miller’s time

The conclusion is that “Dance Moms” is partly scripted as reported by Life & Style. However, the “So You Think You Can Dance” judge revealed that the part of the show that is 100 percent true is the competitions.

She said that despite their competitions, they remain close friends.

Now Maddie Ziegler and her sister MacKenzie are doing great on their own apart from Abby Lee Miller’s show. The 14-year-old star that appeared with Sia in her music videos was offered various projects after departing from the show. She had judging, modeling, acting, and endorsing gigs which made her bank account soar. Maddie also tried her hand at writing. She wrote “The Audition” and “The Maddie Diaries: A Memoir.”

The star of “The Book of Henry” has appeared as a guest on “Pretty Little Liars.” Abby Lee Miller’s favorite dancer has an upcoming project under the supervision of her benefactor Sia along with Kate Hudson.

Her work with the hit maker is the aftermath of her exposure on “Dance Moms.”

The reality show paved the way to Maddie Ziegler’s fame and wealth

Maddie Ziegler appeared in various music videos together with her mentor Sia in “The Greatest," Chandelier,” and "Elastic Heart." Despite some negative experiences she had on “Dance Moms,” the show has paved the way for her fame.

Meanwhile, her former dance coach Abby Lee Miller, 50, is serving her prison term inside a facility for women after a federal judge sentenced her to imprisonment of one year and one day.

She was convicted of bankruptcy fraud in the amount of $755,000 and failure to disclose a large sum of money she had smuggled through her friends in 2014.

The final days of the young dancer on the show were tainted with conflict with her mentor, which directly lead to her exit. Later, Maddie Ziegler refuses to talk about her former teacher who, before she entered prison had been sharing her photos on social media. Abby Lee Miller plans to continue doing shows that are inspired by "Dance Moms" in the future.