Although no one has heard directly from Abby Lee Miller since her incarceration last month, plenty of rumors have been swirling about how the former "Dance Moms" star has been faring. As many women are often in and out of Fci Victorville, those that have left have been reporting on Abby's well-being, and it never seems like they have anything good to say about what's going on on the inside. One of the latest reports stated that due to overcrowding, she has been temporarily housed in a multipurpose room where anyone can come in and see her anytime they please.

It has also been reported that many inmates, and even guards, are anxious to knock her down a peg.

Abby hires protection on the inside

The latest rumor about Abby is that she got into a nasty screaming fight with another inmate. Those who watch "Dance Moms" are likely not particularly surprised by this, and the former dance teacher has previously stated that she was worried she would have a hard time keeping her mouth shut in prison.

Unfortunately, it looks like that was a self-fulfilling prophecy as she has already made at least one enemy. And in a bid to keep herself safe, Abby Lee Miller has hired out another prisoner to act as her body guard so nothing actually does happen to her.

Before her incarceration, Abby admitted that one of her biggest fears was being jumped or perhaps have killed or sexually assaulted in prison.

It looks like the former reality star is now employing someone to ensure that doesn't happen to her. According to Wet Paint, the woman Abby hired is supposedly "very feared" in prison, and is being paid in commissary credit.

She's supposedly a mess in prison

Former inmates have stated that Abby has been a mess since day one.

The former reality star is said to be prone to crying fits that they call "crazy crying" and has been spending a lot of her time by herself. Many of the inmates don't like her simply for the fact that she is famous. It has also been rumored that the guards are not fans of women who come to FCI Victorville because of white collar crimes, and that they have attempted to also harass Abby.

It has been claimed that they shine lights in her face while she is trying to sleep and are often demeaning toward her when they speak to her. However, the star is attempting to do her best and hold her own, and spends most of her time by herself reading romance novels. And if she has really hired a woman to watch her back in prison, it looks like she won't have a lot to worry about.