The day has come, Abby Lee Miller is a free woman again...sort off. The former "Dance Moms" star was released from the Victorville Federal Correctional Institution in California. She was sent to the FCI in July 2017 following a conviction for bankruptcy fraud.

Abby Lee is still not completely finished serving out her sentence but the remainder should be a little less miserable. Until May 25, she will be living at the Residential Reentry Center in Long Beach according to TMZ. While there, the Halfway House will help prepare Abby Lee Miller for re-entry into regular society.

They will help with employment counseling and they will even help find Abby Lee a job. Abby's new temporary home will give her more freedom than the federal prison where she spent the last eight months but it's still a supervised setting where she will have to answer to another adult and be held accountable for her actions.

Abby Lee's conviction

Abby Lee Miller's legal trouble began back in October 2015 when the "Dance Moms" star was charged with trying to hide a substantial amount of income during a bankruptcy. Abby was accused of not claiming $775,000 that she earned from Lifetime while starring in "Dance Moms" and the spinoff "Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition" as well as other projects.

Even more shocking is that the former "Dance Moms" star was accused of having multiple bank accounts where she hid money that was not accounted for.

She was also accused of splitting up $120,000 in cash and having her friends carry it back into the US for her in plastic bags in an effort to not have to claim it at customs.

After weighing her options, Abby Lee opted to plead guilty in June 2016, only to be sentenced to one year and one day in federal prison. It looks like Abby won't even have to spend a full year behind bars though.

The former reality star managed to get herself released to a halfway house after only eight months and just ten months into her sentence, she is scheduled for release. In addition to serving prison time, Abby Lee Miller was ordered to pay a $120,000 judgment on top of a $40,000 fine.

In previous updates via Instagram, Abby Lee has refuted claims that she is acting like a diva in prison.

Based on what she's shared, it seems that the "Dance Moms" star has been quite the opposite. While behind bars, Abby took and finished classes on personal finance and real estate. She also reportedly made friends with some of the inmates and staff. It doesn't sound like she was living a prison nightmare at all. Well, except for the whole loss of freedom part.