Out with Abby Lee Miller, in with chloe lukasiak in the new season of "Dance Moms." Well, that was what they were suggesting in the latest episode of "Dance Moms" because Miller is indeed out but Lukasiak is in with some pretty good moves prepared to perform and for the moms to gossip about.

Here is what we have learned, after the "Abby Tells All" episode that aired on July 25. We are back to drama and gossip with "Dance Moms." The 16-year-old dancer, Chloe Lukasiak has something to say about Abby Lee Miller’s exit and Cheryl Burke’s entrance along with other guest coaches.

What really happened after Abby Lee Miller's exit in 'Dance Moms'

If the viewers are familiar with how harsh Abby Lee Miller could be, Chloe sure had a taste of it face to face. During their come back to the show, she experienced such a different vibe. Instead of dodging rough insults if she did not do a stunt right, she received positivity and encouragement, instead from Burke. The young dancers were given more chances to speak while continually dealing with the drama and gossip their mothers usually create.

Even Christi Lukasiak finds the new coach better. The new environment they are in consists of Burke’s affirmative way when trying to stand between the moms and the show. “She does not take any garbage from the moms and she puts us in our place,” Christi said.

But the thing is, "Dance Moms" would lose its signature if it just instantly becomes an angelic show with less pressure for the kids to compete and no backstabbing from the moms. Which is why sooner or later, something will definitely give.

New dance coach inspires little dancers

To recap the latest episode - we are introduced to Laurieann Gibson who is also fit to take the coaching gig.

According to the moms, Gibson has a different approach when it comes dealing with them and they seem to like that. So what do they do? They turn against their co-mom trying to compare the kids from one another, naming their kid as the better one. It is definitely a mixture of good and bad parenting.

Of course, they did not simply forget about Abby during the show, they still talk about her, pointing out how the new coach has a better attitude than her.

With the competition coming up, that is when some of the kids and the moms are thinking, “Can Gibson confidently take them to the stage or not?”

So far, Gibson has praised Kendall Vertes and Elliana Walmsley so there is definitely some hope for them to make it. Definitely, fans are excited to see Chloe Lukasiak back on the dance floor and "Dance Moms" once again.