"Dance Moms" has graced Lifetime network for the past six years, beginning in 2011 with the original members of the Junior Elite team and their coach, Abby Lee Miller. During this time, there have been several fights and falling outs between the mothers of the show, but Maddie Ziegler has just revealed that many of the fights aren't even real, and instead have been scripted to amp up the drama. Although the young star has stated that "Dance Moms" was bad for her mental health due to all of the drama, she hasn't yet revealed how much of it is the real deal and how much of it is made up just to bring in the ratings.

Maddie reveals fight scenes are sometimes taped more than once

According to an interview with USA Today, Maddie revealed that sometimes the mothers fight more than once and have to do a take several times before they get it right. Sometimes, she says, the moms aren't even fighting and end up walking away laughing about what they had to just do for the camera.

"You know how I said that moms do fight? The moms have to fake a fight sometimes. Afterward, they just start talking and laugh about it," she said.

But that doesn't mean that some of the drama isn't totally authentic. Maddie says that often times, the girls or their mothers are encouraged to fight, which makes matters even worse. According to Maddie, the show itself was very high stress because they were encouraged to pick arguments with one another and cry on camera anytime they had a chance.

The competitions are "totally real"

Despite rumors that the competitions the girls participated in on "Dance Moms" were actually fake or set up, Maddie says that aspect of the show is very real as they did have a "crazy competition schedule." The girls were learning a dance per week, sometimes only getting a couple of days or a couple of hours of rehearsal before performing live on stage.

It has, however, been shared that sometimes the competition dances are done more than once so that the cameras can get the best angles, but that the judges only watch one version of the dance in order to give out their scores.

Maddie says that the drama surrounding the competitions is totally real and that part can never really be manufactured for the show.

Still, Maddie is grateful for her time on the show but is also happy that she is no longer in that environment. The young star is flourishing as Sia's mentee, and will soon appear in a film starring both Sia and Kate Hudson.