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Tom Brady wants more competitive NFL games

The player aims at creating clones of himself for making NFL games more competitive
Brady is a healthy NFL player. Fit, he has an amazing diet composed of grains, vegetables, low sugar and almost no carb ingestion. Why do you believe he does all that? To impress Gisele Bünchen, his...
18 February 2017 -
I. News

CBS and NFL seek strategies to speed up games and boost ratings

The NFL seeks changes in game management procedures to fix its ratings problem.
The NFL has received disappointing TV ratings this past season. CBS chairman Les Moonves and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell held a top-level meeting, discussing how TV networks and the league can work...
18 February 2017 -
J. Brown

Arizona Cardinals 2017 Offseason: bring him back - let him go

The Arizona Cardinals have moves pending on their potential free agents - which player must they re-sign and who will they let walk?
All 32 NFL teams must decide which potential unrestricted free agents they want to retain or they will allow to test the open market. Some have more players than others. There’s also the option of...
19 February 2017 -
R. Baxter
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  • Super Bowl 2017 date and kickoff time: Patriots and Falcons face off in Houston

    The countdown to Super Bowl 51 begins as the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons prepare for the biggest NFL game of the year
    The Super Bowl 2017 date and kickoff time are a top Google search as New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons fans prepare to watch the two teams face off at NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas next month....
    22 January 2017
    C. P
  • Ricky Williams: police video shows former Dolphins running back frisked by officers

    The 1998 Heisman Trophy winner believes that he was racially profiled after taking a walk near his hotel in Tyler, Texas.
    Ricky Williams, the 2002 NFL rushing yards leader and round one, number five pick of the 1999 draft, was caught on video being stopped and frisked by police after the former pro decided to spend some...
    22 January 2017
    S. Sinclair
  • Top 5 Buffalo Bills draft needs

    Which positions are the best for the Bills to target in the 2017 NFL draft?
    The Buffalo Bills finished the 2016 season with a disappointing 7-9 record and extended their playoff drought. In the aftermath, head coach Rex Ryan, who had promised that the Bills would make the...
    31 January 2017
    A. Granville
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