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2017 defensive preview: Minnesota Vikings

The last time the Vikings made the playoffs they were built around a dominant defense. Can they repeat that success in 2017?
The Vikings' defense began the season as one of the NFL's most dangerous units, but a combination of injuries (to both players and coaches), and offensive ineptitude caused their performance to slide....
20 June 2017 -
A. Ites

Washington Redskins and Kirk Cousins get extra negotiating time

The timeline for coming to terms with a franchise tag player has changed due to a new rule.
Washington Redskins fans should have a countdown timer for when the opportunity for the team to come to an extension with quarterback Kirk Cousins comes to an end. During any other year, the magical...
19 June 2017 -
H. Walter-Warner

Pittsburgh Steelers: Antonio Brown continues to open eyes

Arguably the best wide receiver in the NFL, Pittsburgh Steelers superstar Antonio Brown is gearing up for another big season.
It seems like there’s always a discussion these days when it comes to the NFL and who are the best players at their position. When it comes to wide receivers, it’s bottled down lately to Julio...
20 June 2017 -
R. S. Baxter
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  • Just In: Former Nebraska football star finds new NFL home

    Having been named a captain in 2016, this former Nebraska football big hitter might have found a better place to play
    Former Nebraska football star Daimion Stafford has found himself a new NFL home after spending the previous four years with the Tennessee Titans. On Tuesday morning, the Pittsburgh Steelers announced...
    30 May 2017
    O. VanDervoort
  • The NFL is trying to blacklist Colin Kaepernick for all the wrong reasons

    The NFL should be ashamed as an organization for racially discriminating against a player for his beliefs and ultimately taking food from his plate
    Not too many seasons ago Colin Kaepernick carried the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl with his amazing play at the quarterback position. He also gave the 49ers some of their best years since the...
    30 May 2017
    D. Digital
  • 2017 offensive preview: Green Bay Packers

    Aaron Rodgers played some of the best football of his career last year, but can he keep that momentum going into 2017?
    Aaron Rodgers and the entire Packers offense received a lot of criticism from the media after a 4-6 start to the year in 2016, but Rodgers finished the season playing at an MVP level and leading Green...
    30 May 2017
    A. Ites
  • Raiders’ Derek Carr set to become NFL’s highest-paid QB with $25M annual salary

    Carr gave the Raiders before the start of training camp in July to seal a deal
    #Derek Carr is expected to be the highest-paid NFL quarterback when he agrees to a contract extension with the #Oakland Raiders. According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, the Raiders will have to...
    10 June 2017
    Z. Cecilio
  • A rare NFL trade took place yesterday

    The Cleveland Browns and the New York Jets swapped players in a beneficial trade
    Following weeks of trying to make a trade, the New York Jets were finally able to move on from former first-round pick safety Calvin Pryor. The Jets had tried to trade him since the 2017 NFL Draft,...
    2 June 2017
    G. Sousa
  • NFL allows companies to advertise hard-liquor products on 30-second commercials

    The National Football League requires that companies deliver "prominent social responsibility message" to drinkers on commercials.
    The National Football League (NFL) has lifted the liquor advertising ban after making a change of the advertising policy that would enable advertisers to feature hard-liquor products on commercials...
    6 June 2017
    J. Brown
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