The Buffalo Bills beat the Patriots 27-21 this past weekend. The Baltimore Ravens annihilated the Miami Dolphins 56-19. That puts the Bills in prime position to covet the AFC East division title. A victory over Miami Sunday night crowns Buffalo the division winner. A Bills’ loss makes things much more interesting. Here is how the post-season can play out.

Scenario #1. A Buffalo win over Miami/Bills and Dolphins tie

A win over Miami is the easiest and least complicated path to the playoffs. While the Buffalo Bills rarely make it easy, fans hope Buffalo coasts to victory this Sunday at 8:20 p.m.

That will give Buffalo the AFC’s number 2 seed to face the number 7 seed opponent. Who would be Buffalo’s competition in New Era field? The Jaguars, Texans, Colts or Steelers. A Bills-Dolphins tie makes Buffalo an AFC wildcard.

Scenario #2. Jaguars lose to Titans/Jaguars and Titans tie

A Jacksonville Jaguar loss gets Buffalo into the post-season. While a Jaguars' loss is possible with how terrible they have been playing lately, the Tennessee Titans have nothing to play for besides spoiling Jacksonville’s post-season aspirations. Already eliminated from the playoffs, the Titans may want to save coach Mike Vrabel’s job. The Titans current 5-11 record puts Vrabel on the hot seat. Can ending the season 6-11 give Vrabel another year to right the team’s ship?

Buffalo wants Tennessee to fight hard, and Tennessee hosting the game better for the Buffalo Bills.

Scenario #3. Ravens beat Steelers/Steelers and Ravens tie

If the Pittsburgh Steelers lose to the Ravens, Buffalo sneaks into the playoffs. However, a Ravens’ win over the Steelers is unlikely. With Baltimore already locking up the number AFC seed, Lamar Jackon will probably sit out this game, as well as some of their starters.

While backup QB Tyler Huntley is a good option, it may not be enough to beat T.J. Watt and the Steelers. Anything can happen, but Buffalo better not rely on Pittsburgh losing to make them a wildcard. If the Ravens and Steelers tie, the Buffalo Bills are in the post-season.

Scenario #4. Texans and Colts tie

The likelihood of the Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts game ending in a tie is extremely low.

If it does happen, the Bills get into the playoffs. The good thing about this game is that only one team can make it into the post-season, a 9-8 record is not enough to secure the post-season. The AFC South is the tightest race, the Texans, Colts or Jaguars ending up as division winners. If the Colts win, they are in the post-season. Two AFC South teams can advance into the playoffs or just one.

The AFC Playoff Lock-Ins

Some AFC teams are already locked into their spots. The Kansas City Chiefs are AFC West division winners and number 3 in the AFC. The Cleveland Browns have landed the 5th wildcard spot, their post-season opponent unknown. The Ravens earned the top AFC seed and a first-round bye.

The number 2,6,4, and 7th spots are still up for grabs.

January 7th at 8:20 p.m: Buffalo Bills versus Miami Dolphins

The Bills need to be on their A-game on Sunday night at 8:20 p.m. It is the final NFL game of the season and the one that means the most for Buffalo, especially if the Jaguars, Steelers, and Colts win. That forces Buffalo to win over Miami to secure their playoff hopes. Buffalo's special teams cannot allow another run back for a touchdown like it did against the Patriots on the first play of the game. If Rasul Douglas and Ed Oliver have another great game, QB Tua Tagovailoa will be in for a rough ride. Douglas has been a steal for the Buffalo Bills, the former Packers' cornerback racking up a pair of picks, three passes defended, and two tackles against New England. The Buffalo Bills may be Super Bowl-bound, four or five more wins needed to seal the deal.