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'Girlboss' canceled, Sophia Amoruso comments on Netflix's 'caricature' treatment

The comedy series from Kay Cannon has officially been axed by Netflix.
In the world of television, may it be network or streaming, cancellations are inevitable. Some younger shows manage to achieve success in a very short period of time ("Stranger Things," "This is Us")...
25 June 2017 -
O. Cavallaro

Here’s what to expect from Netflix’s wrestling comedy show ‘GLOW’

The newest Netflix series, "GLOW" features the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.
Netflix comedy-drama series “GLOW,” created by Carly Mensch and Liz Flahive tells the story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, characters originally created by David McLane. The first season of...
23 June 2017 -
M. Grace

Breaking Gender Stereotypes: Where Lena Dunham’s 'Girls' fails, 'GLOW' does it

Netflix's new comedy-drama 'GLOW' revival of '80s women's wrestling franchise is a must-watch; It is a social commentary of the modern times.
"Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling," in short "GLOW," is Netflix’s slam-dunk to HBO’s "Girls." Creators of "GLOW" Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch were inspired by David McLane’s 1980s syndicated...
26 June 2017 -
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  • 'Sense8' renewal: Petition to bring show back gets half million supporters

    Netflix announced it will no longer renew the series after two seasons and fans are more than upset
    A fan petition launched on Charge.Org is hoping Netflix, or another network or platform, will listen and bring "Sense8" back for season 3. Netflix canceled the show on June 1, despite earlier...
    7 June 2017
    R. Cruise
  • The best movies to watch on Netflix this June

    At least 50 movies have joined Netflix this month, including ‘An American Tail’
    At the beginning of every month, Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services add a new batch of television shows and movies to their libraries. This month, the streaming giant has brought forward a...
    8 June 2017
    J. Morgan
  • 'Sense8' cancellation: Will Netflix give fans a movie for proper closure?

    Netflix disappointed "Sense8" fans again when it shot down a petition to bring the show back.
    Any hope "Sense8" fans might have for season 3 have disappeared. Netflix recently posted a message on the show's official Facebook account that the cancellation, originally announced on June 1, is...
    9 June 2017
    R. Cruise
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  • 'Sense8' moving to another network after Netflix cancellation?

    After two seasons, the supernatural-drama series has been canceled by Netflix.
    A lot of "Sense8" fans were shocked and disappointed with Netflix's announcement that it will not be renewing the series for another season. It looks like the supernatural drama series is only one of...
    2 June 2017
    T. Zamora
  • Four 'Reign' spinoff ideas to continue the story

    Fans want Netflix or another streaming service to pick up 'Reign' after its cancellation.
    With just three episodes of "Reign" left to air, fans are looking for ideas to fill their time. Many have taken to asking Netflix and other streaming services to pick up a spinoff for their beloved...
    2 June 2017
    L. Gunn
  • Netflix's '13 Reasons Why' to hold casting call in Vallejo

    In preparation for the upcoming season of '13 Reasons Why,' the production are calling all teenagers who wanted to be part of the series.
    Netflix has opened chances for teenagers to be part of "13 Reasons Why" season 2. Recently, the production has made an announcement that they will hold an open casting call at Vallejo for people of...
    27 May 2017
  • Netflix cancels ‘Sense8’ Season 3 devastating fans

    The forward-thinking sci-fi drama ‘Sense8’ has come to a sad end, as Netflix cancels the hoped for Season 3.
    Fans have only recently come to the end of Season 2 of “Sense8” and are now left truly devastated. It had previously been reported that there would definitely be a third season of the Netflix...
    2 June 2017
    A. Sewell
  • 'Sense8' joins list of Netflix's cancelled shows

    In a heartbreaking news, Netflix has cancelled "Sense8" after only two season. Speculations continue on the reasons behind the company's decision.
    Netflix has decided to shelve another original show, "Sense8," after two seasons. It did not come much as a surprise after weeks of speculations, but it was still heartbreaking for fans. The streaming...
    2 June 2017
    N. Summer
  • ‘Sense8’ Cancellation: Is Netflix avoiding doing expensive shows?

    Unfortunately, fans have no reason to wait for the show's renewal or even the third season.
    A lot of fans were shocked when Netflix surprisingly canceled “Sense8,” making its second season its final bow. This happened after the known streaming service also canceled Baz Luhrmann’s...
    9 June 2017
    B. Potts
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