When the name of Song Joong Ki is mentioned, three probable things come to mind.

First, he is Song Hye Kyo's ex-husband.

Second, he's the handsome captain in "Descendants of the Sun."

Third (and probably the most popular answer at this time), he's Vincenzo, the lead character of the Netflix series with the same name.

The Korean-Italian charm of Vincenzo

Take the irresistibly boyish charm of Song Joong Ki and add the mysterious and dangerous charm of an Italian mafia, and we've got Vincenzo Cassano on our radar.

Song Joong Ki embraces the role with such finesse that it's not hard to fall in love with his character after watching a couple of episodes.

Endearingly known as "corn salad" by the residents of Geumga Plaza, Vincenzo is the modern-day Robin Hood that fights against the big, evil corporate giants and corrupt politicians.

A subtle love story - Vincenzo and Hong Cha Young

If you're looking for some swoon-worthy scenes in 'Vincenzo,' you might have to choose another K-drama, like "Crash Landing on You."

The leading lady of Song Joong Ki, Jeon Yeo-been, plays a feisty lawyer named Hong Cha Young. She's a femme fatale that will stop at nothing to get the justice that her clients deserve. Together with Vincenzo, the two make a power couple both in and out of the courtroom.

But, if you're expecting for some sparks to fly, you'd better wait until Episode 14.

We're not going to divulge any spoilers, but that's where the so-called sparks "begin" to fly. Can you imagine that?

In short, 'Vincenzo' is not the typical K-drama focused on the love story of the two leading characters. In fact, 'Vincenzo' has a very rich offering when it comes to secondary characters. Most of the characters have their own significant back story that all weaves into a perfect combination of drama, comedy, thriller, and action.

Will justice prevail?

Unlike other TV Shows, K-dramas are known for their unpredictability. Directors and writers are not afraid to let the main character die!

That being said, viewers of "Vincenzo" are on their toes as the last few episodes are left to unfold, leading to the finale. A lot of characters were killed, even Vincenzo's mother.

Every viewer is wondering who will be next as the fight between Vincenzo and Babel gets messier and bloodier.

A world-class leading man

Song Joong Ki has impressively sealed his reputation as a world-class leading man. In 'Vincenzo,' he speaks three languages from time to time - Korean, Italian, and English.

In fact, during the first few minutes of the premiere episode, the 35-year-old Korean actor can be seen speaking Italian fluently.

It's not surprising that more projects will be awarded to everyone's favorite consigliere.

Check out Vincenzo's swag mafia moves!