The year 2020 is on the way out. It was a year many would like to forget because of the coronavirus pandemic. The highly contagious disease originated in China, and the global death toll has run into millions. It disturbed society's balance and created new lifestyles that prohibited simple gestures like the handshake and the hug. The fear of contamination haunted everyone, and words like quarantine and isolation became the new norms.

Cinema halls downed shutters, and the roads wore a deserted look. Harry and Meghan found themselves in such a scenario when they landed up in America via Canada.

They were bubbling with energy and wanted to get moving from day one, but travel restrictions played spoilsport. However, they expect things to improve and plan for greater visibility in 2021 to pursue their objectives.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have tried to leave the beaten track. Harry is from the British royal family, and Meghan, an American actor in the TV drama "Suits." They are young and want the freedom to lead lives in their own way. Financial independence is important to them, and they are working towards that goal. In June, Meghan and Harry signed with an agency to be on the speaking circuit.

Daily Mail UK says it would be "in a way which is more in line with who they are." In fact, the public will see them more often in 2021.

In the words of Omid Scobie, author of "Finding Freedom," the couple have their work cut out for the next year. One of these relates to their new Archewell foundation.

Harry and Meghan adjusting to a new life

Last year, Meghan and Harry were in Canada during Christmas, but this year, they would spend it in the United States.

Daily Mail UK adds that while Harry misses England, he does not regret his relocation to America. A royal expert indicated about improvement in the relation between Prince Harry and Prince William. It seems the brothers are in contact with each other regularly. Harry and Meghan have sent across Christmas gifts for the Cambridge family.

They could even engage in a video call during the festivities.

Review of probation period of Harry and Meghan

Daily Mail UK mentions the probation period of Harry and Meghan. They are currently midway through a 12-month probation period. When that ends, the seniors like the Queen, Prince Charles, and Prince William will conduct the review. It would pertain to the relationship of the monarchy and Harry and Meghan, who has spoken on a variety of topics like Black Lives Matter and the election in the United States.

The review intends to give an option to Harry to reconsider his decision to step down. As to Meghan, she went public with her praise for those who came forward to extend help during the coronavirus pandemic.

To her, they were the "quiet heroes."

It was a mixed year for Harry and Meghan

According to Express UK, 2020 has been a mixed year for Harry and Meghan. The couple now lives in Santa Barbara, California. They stepped down as senior members of the Royal Family, moved to America, and faced the coronavirus inspired lockdown.

Harry mentioned this in the course of a virtual discussion related to the environmental WaterBear platform's launch. His words were - "It has been a universally tough year for everybody." He added that it was as if Mother Nature punished us for bad behavior.

The couple signed a multi-million dollar deal with the streaming giant Netflix earlier this year and are working on their new charity Archewell.

There is a delay in its launch, but they kept themselves engaged with other charitable causes throughout the pandemic. The year Meghan suffered a miscarriage and shared the news of the tragedy with others via the media platform.