Harry and Meghan had stepped back as senior royals in January. They are keen to get a more permanent deal that can allow them to continue as non-working royals and simultaneously retain their patronages. Harry and Meghan are now in the United States, where they landed up after a brief stay in Canada. They have acquired a mansion in Santa Barbara, which is home to Celebrities. Meghan is an American and an actor who was there in the TV legal drama “Suits.” Harry was a fighter pilot flying Apache helicopters in Afghanistan. She and Harry married in 2018, and they have a son Archie.

The two of them plan to return to Britain to discuss a possible extension to the Megxit deal. They would interact with senior royals on a video call and later arrive in Britain for face-to-face talks with aides and family. It seems they would use the opportunity to be present for some important events. These are the Queen's 95th and Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip's 100th birthdays in April and June. Another equally important event would be Princess Diana's statue's unveiling on July 1 – it would have been her 60th birthday. She was William and Harry's mother and lost her life in a road accident.

Daily Mail UK says Harry and Meghan have already landed attractive deals with Netflix and Spotify.

This is because they wanted to be financially independent. These will be under the scrutiny of the senior royals as a part of their 12-month review. Those in the know feel these discussions could be more cordial and less confrontational than previous ones held at Sandringham in January. That was when the Megxit deal came into being.

It would be an important trip for Harry and Meghan

In August, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle volunteered to work for a Los Angeles charity. In the opinion of Royal biographer Andrew Morton, Harry does not regret his and Meghan’s overall decision of stepping down as senior royals.

Daily Mail UK quotes Morton saying – “Harry has been in contact with the Queen more often than you would think.

But certain things you need to be there in person to sort. They will need a few weeks. That could be done after April, depending on Covid.” Both Harry and Meghan are in their 30s, and they concluded the Megxit deal at a Sandringham summit in January after announcing they wanted to earn their own money.

Harry and Meghan made lucrative deals

Harry and Meghan's main reason to distance themselves from the royal family was to break away from the shackles. They wanted to explore various options of earning on their own strengths and have already bagged attractive contracts in the speaking circuit.

Daily Mail UK adds that they left Britain, relocated to California, bought a mansion, and launched their charity Archewell.

In recent times, Harry and William's relationship has improved, with the younger brother sending presents to the elder brother and his family.

Netflix and Spotify deals of Harry and Meghan must meet certain expectations

According to The Sun UK, Harry and Meghan's deal with Buckingham Palace expires on March 31. The couple could Travel to Britain to try for an extension. They have in mind an idea of a more permanent agreement to continue as non-working royals in California. They have landed handsome deals with Netflix and Spotify but have to ensure that they adhere to “the values of Her Majesty.”

The couple would like to retain their royal patronages even though they are pursuing commercial commitments in America.

It seems ever since their stepping down, Harry has maintained contact with the Queen. However, certain issues require a physical presence. That is one of the reasons for the couple to come to Britain. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have already set tentative targets for 2021.