The series "Paranormal" is based on the famous novel series of the same name by the late writer Ahmed Khaled Tawfiq. The first season consists of six episodes and is about Rifaat Ismail's journey of doubt. Each episode revolves around the famous myths in the Paranormal novels. Each episode is like an independent film, and at the same time, all the episodes are interconnected in a common element, The House of Khadrawi, the main engine of events in the first season.

Episodes of the series 'Paranormal' in detail:

1. The Myth of the House: The first episode begins with the house's legend, where today is the birthday of the doctor Rifaat Ismail, which coincides with the return of Maggie, the old love of the doctor, Rifaat Ismail from Scotland.

While Raifa invites him to lunch in the presence of his fiancee, Rifaat comes with Maggie, and everyone is surprised by an air raid. They search for Taha, the son of Ismail's sister, which reminds him of his past with Shiraz in the countryside and the haunted house of Khadrawi.

2. The Myth of the Curse of the Pharaoh: Rifaat is assigned to participate in the dissection of the black pharaoh's mummy, which is supposed to be cursed, which leads to a darkening of the sky and the sky of Cairo shadows a black cloud, and an epidemic spreads across the country. Rifaat's mind refuses to link the two events to each other to affect one of his family members. He must stop the curse of the black pharaoh with the help of Maggie and an Egyptologist.

3. The Myth of the Guardian of The Cave: After all, attempts to treat Howaida failed, Rifaat and Maggie travel to a medical conference for hematology in Libya to try to find a suitable treatment. There they meet their former colleague, Lowe, during the conference, where he guides them to the Tuareg tribes who have a cure for Silphium's rare condition, but they must first overcome a mythical monster.

4. The Myth of the Naiad: Rifaat Ismail receives a phone call from his brother's wife, Reda, asking him to come to the village immediately because of his mother's illness. However, upon his arrival, he discovers that the real reason behind his summons is that his older brother called him with humor. While Rifaat comes to his brother's rescue, a voice captures him that puts him in a state of delirium.

5. The Myth of the Incubus: Rifaat enters into a bad psychological state and sinks into deep sadness. His health deteriorates. He has become convinced that Shiraz is the cause of all the calamities that befall him. Rifaat Ismail decides to record everything he sees in his dreams while he is asleep, and he tries to overcome the perched chasing after him in his dreams.

6. The Myth of the House (The Return): After Rifaat's home came to al-Khadrawi and knew the mystery of Shiraz's tragic death, he decided to search for what could save her tortured soul? Rifaat returns to where it all began and looked for the basement in which her grandfather confined her, where he left her to die in a house fire at the beginning of the 20th century

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