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Horror movies 2017: ‘Gremlin’ is a monster movie for avid horror fans

A review and preview of one of the newest horror movies of 2017, ‘Gremlin.’
One of the newest horror movies of 2017 is soon to make its debut on VOD, “Gremlin.” Though 2017 has provided a couple films featuring a monster, most of the horror movies this year has been...
23 June 2017 -
C. Lee

New movies: ‘Sum of Random Chance’ could be the next big adventure movie

Filmmakers Lee Chambers & Kris Ketonen discuss creating movies and their latest script.
With a list of several short movies, and his feature-length action film “The Pineville Heist,” filmmaker Lee Chambers is starting to get major attention for his work. Considered one of the best...
14 June 2017 -
C. Lee

New movies 2017: ‘The Drama Club’ is a bittersweet journey

A review of one of the newest independent movies of 2017, 'The Drama Club.'
Currently available on VOD is one of the newest independent movies of 2017, “The Drama Club.” Made in the same vein as movies from years gone by like “The Big Chill,” the 2017 indie-film is...
19 June 2017 -
C. Lee
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  • New movies 2017: ‘Karate Kill’ is a throwback thrill-ride with non-stop action

    A look at one of the most exciting new movies of 2017 that pays homage to grindhouse and action flicks of years gone by.
    If you’re looking for new movies of 2017, and you enjoy grindhouse and action flicks, then the upcoming "Karate Kill" is the picture for you. Described as a nod to Cannon Films – the creators of...
    13 June 2017
    C. Lee
  • Hollywood movie executives line up to make film about Comey

    Golden parachute awaits fired FBI director who used to earn $172,000 a year
    President Donald Trump made FBI director James Comey jobless after he allegedly fired him for refusing to drop the investigation on ex-National Security adviser Michael Flynn. With all the spotlight...
    14 June 2017
    V. Hernandez
  • Daniel Day-Lewis to quit acting after release of next film

    The 60-year-old Irish actor's final film is set to hit theaters this Christmas
    In a highly surprising news out of Hollywood, acclaimed actor Daniel Day-Lewis has announced his retirement from the field. After earning 3 Oscars during three different decades of his 35-year career,...
    20 June 2017
    J. Greig
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