The Canadian Province of Prince Edward Island has held another election for members of its General Assembly. It was held about six months earlier than it would've had to have been by the law.

The last general election in the province was held in 2019. It resulted in a minority government controlled by the Progressive Conservative Party of Prince Edward Island. In the years following, the minority government would turn into a small majority government. In 2023, however, the results would prove to be decidedly more lopsided.

Progressive Conservatives win all but five seats in the General Assembly

The Progressive Conservative Party of Prince Edward Island has scored a dominant victory, as CTV News indicates. Winning a seat total of more than seven times as many as the party's closest competitor. That being the Prince Edward Island Liberal Party. The provincial chapter of the Green Party, which had made up the Official Opposition previously, won two seats. The New Democratic Party, which has a highly significant role in the Federal Parliament, failed to secure a seat.

As the name might suggest, the Progressive Conservatives promote a moderate platform. On a federal level, they are affiliated with the Conservative Party of Canada.

Dennis King has been the party leader and the province's premier since 2019.

According to the CBC, King has pledged to govern with humility, kindness, and positivity. The Progressive Conservatives reportedly intend to address healthcare, climate change, and housing. King also had high praise for the opposing party leaders. "I have nothing but respect for them," he told supporters at an election victory celebration.

Liberal Leader Sharon Cameron is set to become the new leader of the Opposition. But she will not hold a seat in the General Assembly. She had unsuccessfully contested for a seat in the electoral district of New Haven-Rocky Point. Located on south-central Prince Edward Island, Cameron finished in third place in the district.

Green Party Leader Peter Bevan-Baker is to remain a member of the legislature. It comes at Cameron's expense as he won the seat she had been seeking. Progressive Conservative candidate Donalda Docherty finished in second place.

Dennis King formerly worked in the media

Dennis King is a native of Georgetown on eastern Prince Edward Island. He would graduate from high school in nearby Montague. King went on to work for several media outlets, including CFCY-FM and The Guardian.

Later, he worked with the Provincial Ministry of Transportation and the Department of Development and Technology. Eventually, King served as a top staffer for Premier Pat Binns. In 2019, King was elected to the General Assembly.

He was winning a seat from the new electoral district of Brackley-Hunter River, located in the province's central region.

King has been married to Jana Hemphill since 1999. They have three children.