Mark McGowan is, for at least a little while longer, the premier of the State of Western Australia. Along with a couple of other roles within his own Cabinet. McGowan, who identifies as a centrist (critics may disagree), is also the leader of the Western Australia Labor Party.

He would rise to immense power within his state. A concerning level to many onlookers. McGowan's tenure in politics has included controversies. Including putting a law in place that only allowed entities who supported his government's policies to use state venues. But that tenure is evidently coming to an end.

Says he is leaving politics

Mark McGowan is stepping down from the Legislative Assembly, the Australian Broadcasting Company reports. As such, five different offices are on the verge of being vacated. Whomever is chosen as the new party leader will in all likelihood effectively become the new premier. The announcement was described as being 'shocking' for some. The news conference where McGowan announced his plans was also apparently called on relatively short notice.

Exhaustion was the reason he cited for his abrupt decision, indicated MarketWatch. "The truth is I'm tired, extremely tired," McGowan said.

In 1994, McGowan was elected to the city council for Rockingham, near Perth. The following year, he was named the city's deputy mayor.

Another year after that, he was elected to the Legislative Assembly. McGowan was elected to fill the seat of the retiring Mike Barnett, who had been the Assembly's speaker.

Premier Geoff Gallop would name McGowan as his parliamentary secretary. Gallop later promoted him to a Cabinet minister. He would remain one after Gallo's tenure ended.

In 2012, McGowan was chosen as the new Labor Party leader in the state, also making him the Opposition leader. He'd previously unsuccessfully sought the position of deputy leader in 2008. In 2017, McGowan and Labor scored a massive win in that year's election. In addition to becoming the new premier, McGowan named himself as the minister for state development, jobs and trade.

Four years later, Labor scored an overwhelming victory in that year's election. McGowan would add the role of state treasurer to his portfolio. Just days after the electoral victory, McGowan announced his provocative plans about who could use state venues.

Amber-Jade Sanderson was the first to announce her candidacy in the Labor leadership election. Sanderson is the minister for health and for mental health. Roger Cook, deputy premier and party leader, is also thought to be a possibility.

Is an officer in the Australian Navy

Mark McGowan is a native of Newcast, New South Wales; in the Sydney region. He would be educated to the north in schools located in Casino and Coffs Harbour. Eventually, he graduate from the University of Queensland.

Around the same time, McGowan joined the Royal Australian Navy. His assignments have included being stationed at HMAS Stirling. Along the way, McGowan would receive the Commendation for Brave Conduct. McGowan currently holds the rank of lieutenant.