Mexico is slated to hold its next Presidential election in 2024. A precise date has yet to be settled on, but it's scheduled from sometime in July. Sitting President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is barred from running for re-election by federal law.

Lopez Obrador is a member of the Morena political party. He may be out, but the race to get the party's nomination is expected to be hotly contested. And at least one of his Cabinet members has evidently opted to make it his main focus.

Ebrard to step down

Marcelo Ebrard has announced his intention to resign and run for president of Mexico, ABC and Yahoo indicate.

Ebrard has been the secretary of foreign affairs since 2018. He has been considered to be among the top three early favorites to land the Morena nod for president.

It's not the first time that Ebrard has sought the highest political office in Mexico. He was a candidate for the nomination of the Party of the Democratic Revolution during the 2012 cycle. Lopez Obrador would instead receive the nomination, apparently planning to appoint Ebrard as home affairs secretary if he won. But Lopez Obrado would lose the general election to former Mexico State Governor Enrique Peña Nieto.

Other early top Morena contenders include Mexico City Mayor Claudia Steinbaum and Home Affairs Secretary Adan Augusto Lopez Hernandez.

Several other political parties are also set to contest for the Presidency.

Favorites of the National Action Party include former Chamber of Deputies President Ricardo Anaya and current Chamber President Santiago Creel. Along with Deputy and former First Lady Margarita Zavala, Yucatán Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal and Senator Lilly Tellez.

Institutional Revolutionary Party headliners feature names such as State of Mexico Governor Alfredo del Mazo Maza and former Tlaxcala Governor Beatriz Paredes Rangel. Del Mazo is a member of a political dynasty that includes former President Pena Nieto, his cousin.

The Party of the Democratic Revolution and the Citizens' Movement also have their own operations.

Former the former Mexico City Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera presently seems like the probable nominee. Likely nominees of the latter include Monterrey Mayor Luis Donaldo Colosio Riojas and Nuevo León Governor Samuel Garcia.

Is also a previous Mexico City mayor

Marcelo Ebrard started his political career as a member of the Institutional Revolutionary Party. He was a volunteer for the successful Presidential campaigns of Jose Lopez Portillo and Miguel de la Madrid in 1976 and 1982. In 1988, Ebrard was elected to the Chamber of Deputies for the first time.

In 1995, he helped create the shortly-lived Democratic Center Party of Mexico. Ebrard made a play for Mexico City mayor in 2000. But he eventually threw his support behind López Obrador and later joined his Mayoral Cabinet.

Ebrard was successfully elected as mayor in 2006. During his tenure in the office, he became known for his work to address climate change.