The world has largely been able to return to normal following the COVID-19 outbreak. Movie theatres have been bringing in big crowds. Perhaps two of the biggest concert tours of all time are going on. Sports fans have been packing arenas. And so on.

They look back to figure out what could've been done to shorten or lessen the pandemic is underway. Former United Kingdom prime minister Boris Johnson is among those whose actions have been under continued examination. As a result, he's also now a former member of the House of Commons as well.

Has stepped down from Parliament

Boris Johnson has resigned from the Parliament of the United Kingdom, Forbes reports. This was Johnson's second go-round in the House of Commons. He was elected from the Constituency of Henley for his first tenure, located in Oxfordshire. More recently, he won his seat from the London-area Constituency of Uxbridge and South Ruislip.

After the COVID-19 pandemic began, then-prime minister Johnson's government implemented laws to try to combat it. Including not holding large gatherings at one's home. But Johnson was quickly found to have broken his own rules at 10 Downing Street. Where held multiple gatherings that exceeded the limits in place at the time. Not for pressing government business but rather for parties.

Something has become known colloquially as Partygate.

Johnson was eventually issued a fairly minuscule fine for the parties. But he'd already been involved in various scandals during his political career. In 2022, Johnson also made an intensely controversial government appointment. He was leading to the mass resignation of members of his Cabinet.

This had a 'last straw' effect, leading him to step aside as prime minister. But what seems to have gotten him into further trouble now is, yet again, the Partygate cover-up.

Johnson is accused of lying to the Commons Selected Committee of Privileges, which has been investigating the matter. He has admitted to misleading the committee but claims it was unintentional.

Was the face of Brexit

Boris Johnson was elected as the leader of the Conservative Party in 2019, effectively making him the prime minister. Later that year, he led the party to a sweeping general election victory.

Johnson had risen to power largely because he was arguably the most prominent supporter of Brexit –the term given to the UK leaving the European Union. The country voting for such a thing sent shock waves worldwide in 2016. Dominic Raab, who'd been Johnson's deputy prime minister, is soon to leave Parliament –embroiled in his scandals.

During and between Johnson's tours in the House of Commons, he was also the mayor of London. From 2016 to 2018, he was the foreign secretary under Prime Minister Theresa May.

As noted by NBC, speculation has already begun if Johnson will attempt a political comeback.

Before becoming an elected politician, Johnson was a journalist by trade. Including writing for The Times, The Daily Telegraph and The Spectator.

Is a member of a prominent family

Boris Johnson was born in the United States in New York City. His father, Stanley, is a prominent figure in Conservative Party politics, including serving as a member of the European Parliament. Several other family members have gone on to be successful in different fields.

Jo Johnson, Boris' brother, would also be elected to Parliament as a Conservative. In his case, from the Orpington Constituency. Prime Ministers David Cameron and Theresa May would appoint Jo to ministerial postings, as would his brother.

But the staunch differences between the brothers regarding Brexit would reach a breaking point. Led Jo to resign from his job as minister, saying he was "torn between family and national interest." He also opted not to run for re-election in 2019. However, Boris would appoint him to the House of Lords the following year.