Silvio Berlusconi would become one of the most dominant figures in the history of Italy. He would rise to prominence in various sectors of the country, including politics, sports, as well as business.

But Berlusconi would also make several moves that drew concern from many. Often, he would draw comparisons with fascists and authoritarians. Berlusconi would also become entangled in a multitude of legal scraps. Historians are now left to contemplate his legacy.

Berlusconi died on June 12, 2023

Silvio Berlusconi has died at 86. He was hospitalized earlier this year in Milan as part of his treatment for chronic leukemia and other ailments, but no cause of death was given

Whether critics or supporters, several foreign and Italian leaders would remark on Berlusconi's global influence.

Current Italian President Sergio Mattarella said Berlusconi "marked the history of our republic." Sitting prime minister of Italy Giorgia Meloni, a source of controversy called him "a great European political leader."

Berlusconi was a member of Italy's Chamber of Deputies for nearly 20 years. He became prime minister three times and headed multiple political parties. He also held two brief stints as a member of the country's Senate of the Republic. Also, twice, Berlusconi would be a member of the European Parliament.

Over the years, Berlusconi was indicated on several criminal charges. Not all of these were resolved at the time of his death. In some cases, he was acquitted. In others, he would take advantage of loopholes and special treatment regarding sentencing.

One of the most successful soccer team owners in Italian history

For decades, Silvio Berlusconi owned the Soccer franchise AC Milan. The club currently competes in Serie A, the top level for the sport in the nation. A.C. is widely considered one of the most storied sports teams in the world.

During Berlusconi's ownership, AC Milan won eight Serie A Championships.

To go with seven Supercoppa Italian titles and the 2003 Coppa Italia tournament. AC Milan also reached coveted heights on the international level. Winning the FIFA Club World Cup in 2007 and what is now the UEFA Champions League seven times over. In addition, they won the now-UEFA Super Cup five times and the Intercontinental Cup twice.

In connection with some of his legal problems, Berlusconi sold the team in 2017.

He would, however, quickly turn around and acquire A.C. Monza. The franchise objectively had much less pedigree than Berlusconi's last team. A.C. Monza was playing in Serie C at the time of the purchase – the third tier of Italian soccer.

A.C. Monza won the Serie C Championship in 2020, elevating them to Serie B. In 2022, the team qualified for Serie A for the first time in its history.