Brian Mulroney was the prime minister of Canada for much of the 1980s and the 1990s. The longtime leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada, he also served as brief stint as Official Opposition leader.

Since leaving political office, Mulroney has been viewed by many as one of the world's elder statesmen. Including eulogizing multiple presidents of the United States at their state funerals. More recently, it seems that Mulroney has been in a fight against significant health issues.

Diagnosed with prostate cancer

The Toronto Star and the CBC report that Brian Mulroney has been receiving treatment for prostate cancer.

Two of Mulroney's children would confirm the reports about their father's health.

Mulroney was apparently undergoing and now recovering from treatment for the disease in Montreal. According to his children, the former prime minister is expected to complete his recovery soon. With a time frame in an indeterminate amount of weeks. Daughter Caroline stated their family expects Mulroney will be "back to normal in the coming weeks." Son Mark said he expected his father would return to "full swing in a few weeks."

Mulroney rose to prominence during the 1970s as an attorney. During which time he helped investigate the Mafia in Quebec. He became so well-known that he was a candidate for the Progressive Conservative Leadership in 1976.

The nod would ultimately go to future Prime Minister Joe Clark.

In 1983, Mulroney ran again for the Leadership, this time successfully. Later that year, he was elected to the Canadian House of Commons. Mulroney was initially elected to Parliament from the riding of Central Nova in Nova Scotia. In later years, he would represent the Quebec ridings of Manicouagan and Charlevoix.

Mulroney led the Progressive Conservatives to a dominating victory in the 1984 federal election, making him the prime minister. He led them to another sizable win in 1988.

Even amidst the 1988 success, the Progressive Conservative Party had begun to fracture. Leading to the formation of the Reform Party of Canada, but it wouldn't stop there.

In 1991, Mulroney's former Cabinet member Lucien Bouchard helped create the separatist Bloc Quebecois. By 1993, much of the remaining Progressive Conservatives were divided over tax policy.

Mulroney would resign as prime minister and as party leader. He also would not stand as a candidate in the federal election later in the year. Defence Minister Kim Campbell succeeded him as prime minister and Progressive Conservative leader.

Is a native of Quebec

Brian Mulroney was born in Baie-Comeau, near Quebec City. He later graduated from high school in Miramichi in eastern New Brunswick. Mulroney later earned a degree from St. Francis Xavier University. He also attended Dalhousie University before obtaining his law degree from Université Laval.

Mulroney married Mila Pivnicki in 1973. They would have four children. Their daughter, Carolina, currently serves in the Cabinet of Ontario Premier Doug Ford. Their son, Ben, and his wife, Jessica, have been successful television personalities in the United States and Canada.