Finland held its most recent Parliamentary election earlier this year. The country is slated to hold its next Presidential election early next year. Popular incumbent President Sauli Niinisto is term-limited from being a candidate in the race.

While Finland will pick a new president relatively soon, it's also been waiting for a new prime minister. It became quite clear that there would be a change in the office following the Parliamentary election results. But the negotiations for the exact makeup of the government would linger on for several weeks.

And finally, the new government is now in place.

Orpo was selected as the new prime minister

Petteri Orpo is officially the new prime minister of Finland, the Associated Press and Deutsche Welle indicate. Orpo has been the leader of the centre-right National Coalition Party since 2016. He guided his party to the most votes and highest seat total in the 2023 election.

Between the election and his taking over as prime minister, Orpo served a brief stint as Parliament speaker. From 2017 to 2019, he was deputy prime minister under Centre Party Prime Minister Juha Sipila.

The new deputy prime minister of Finland is Riikaa Purra. Purra is the leader of the NCP's biggest coalition partner, the far-right Finns Party.

The controversial party finished in second place in the recent election, both in shares of votes and seats. In addition, Purra has also been tapped to be Finland's minister of finance.

Also making up the ruling coalition are centrist parties—the Swedish People's Party of Finland and the Christian Democrats. Swedish People's Party Leader Anna-Maja Henriksson has been appointed the country's minister of education.

Sari Essayah, leader of the Christian Democrats, has been named minister of agriculture and forestry.

Other key Cabinet appointments include the NCP's Antti Hakkanen and Elina Valtonen as ministers of defence and foreign affairs, respectively—and Mari Rantanen and Leena Meri of the Finns as ministers of the interior and justice.

Other notable Cabinet appointees include Sari Multala. Multala is a member of the NCP and takes on the role of minister of science and culture. Before going into politics, she was a world champion, competitive sailor and Olympic competitor.

Orpo is an officer in the Finnish Army

Petteri Orpo is a native of Koylio in southwestern Finland. The city has since been annexed by the neighboring municipality of Sakyla. His father, Hannu, was also active in National Coalition Party politics. The younger Orpo would go on to graduate from the University of Turku.

He served his mandatory national service in the Finnish Army. After the conclusion of the required term, he would remain a reservist. Orpo currently holds the rank of captain.

Orpo has been a member of the Parliament of Finland since 2007. He represents the electoral district of Varsinais-Suomi. Prime Minister Alexander Stubb would appoint Orpo as the minister of agriculture and forestry. Along with deputy prime minister, he was minister of the interior and finance during the Sipila premiership.