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Physicists solve the mystery of the extinction of dinosaurs

Cosmos Magazine claims the dinosaurs disappeared due to climatic changes
The dinosaur family tree is rearranged as a new study proposes they began far earlier than we thought. The study is published in the “Cosmos Magazine.” It reveals the last of non-avian dinosaurs went extinct 54 million years ago. Luis Alvarez, a physicist at the University of Glasgow, discovers a thick layer of iridium-enriched clay at the K-T boundary. He says most of the dinosaur fossils are present in Canada and the US. Iridium is more common in space than on our Earth. Experts believe the thin layers of iridium were deposited following the impact of a large comet. The collision of a comet with our planet caused the extinction of dinosaurs. Why did dinosaurs disappear? The end of the Cretaceous and the beginning of the Paleogene has been a scientific mystery. During the Palegogen period, dinosaurs relied on large animals and small plants for their diet. They could not tolerate the sudden environmental changes. In contrast, most mammals, turtles, crocodiles, salamanders, and...
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