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Interesting theory about aliens

An astrophysicist believes that the presence of aliens may be hidden by the laws of physics.
A scientist has recently published an interesting theory related to aliens, according to and Caleb Scharf, a member of Columbia University said that if an alien civilization is advanced enough, we may confuse their presence with the laws of physics. So, what we consider to be the effect of mysterious forces -- like dark matter or dark energy -- could be, in fact, the extraterrestrial intelligence's influence, or even the extraterrestrials themselves. Caleb Scharf, who shared this theory, thinks that the alien population cannot be recognized by the laws of physics. There is a cosmic phenomenon that could be explained in this way. A different type of life Scharf is not the only one who claims that we need to search for aliens outside our idea of ​​life. While carbon is indispensable for life on our planet, astrobiologists argue that there is a different type of life in the Universe which can be sustained by methane. Moreover, there are voices who are...