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Barnier demands Brexit 'divorce' payment and justice for UK's EU citizens

EU negotiator Barnier demands May's Brexit proposal provide monetray settlement for Brexit 'divorce' and protective safeguards for UK's EU citizens.
Michel Barnier, the European Union's chief Brexit negotiator, has pinpointed two pressing issues he expects United Kingdom (UK) Prime Minister Theresa May to settle before Brexit can be negotiated. Barnier specifies the urgent need for a monetary proposal to pay for the "divorce" of Great Britain from the European Union (EU). He also specifies the equally urgent need for protections for European Union citizens living in Britain. He demands that these citizens should be safeguarded by the European Court of Justice, not by the United Kingdom's court system, as reported in a story by Reuters. Progress toward Brexit Progress toward Brexit depends, Barnier says, on Britain's "clear commitments" on these issues. Brexit is set for March 2019. May intends to have a two or three year post-Brexit transition period. As a member of the EU, the British government has paid a hefty annual amount to their budget. A point of contention is what payment the UK will be liable for post-Brexit. Britain...