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German WWI submarine found off Belgian coast with all 23 crew on board

In what authorities are calling the ‘best preserved find’ from WWI, a well-preserved German U-boat was discovered off West Flanders in Belgium.
Western Flanders Governor Carl Decaluwe says the latest find off the coast of Belgium is “amazing” and “very unique” after the wreck of a German UB II-type submarine was discovered 82-89 feet down on the floor of the North Sea, just off the West Flanders coast. Dating back to World War One, the submarine was found to be in a remarkably well-preserved condition, and the remains of all 23 crew members are likely still inside. UBII submarine suffered damage to the bow from a mine According to Decaluwe, the only damage to the submarine was on the bow. Other than that the submarine, commonly known as a U-Boat, was almost completely intact and all its hatches were tightly closed, with most likely all the original crew members still inside. Researchers believe the damage was caused by the upper deck of the submarine striking a mine. According to researchers the submarine may have become caught up in the cable of the mine, dragging it up towards the surface and leading to it doing the...