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Swiss couple’s remains found in glacier after going missing in 1942

The remains of a couple, missing since World War II, were found in a melting glacier near a Swiss ski resort, finally giving the family closure.
Marcelin and Francine Dumoulin left home to feed their cows in August 1942 and were never seen again, until now. A melting glacier near a ski lift in the Swiss ski resort of Dome has finally revealed their remains. Man and wife leave home to feed their cattle and never return It was in August 1942 during World War II that the Dumoulin’s left their home in the Valais region of Switzerland to feed their cows. They never returned home, leaving their family frantic with grief and constantly searching for them. According to the youngest of the couple’s seven children, 79-year-old Marcelina Udry-Dumoulin, the family has spent their whole lives looking for their parents, hoping to give them the funeral they deserve. She told the Le Matin newspaper that after 75 years of searching and waiting, the news finally gives her a sense of deep calm. Glacier melting reveals remains of lost parents The bodies were uncovered during the melting of the Tsanfleuron glacier and found by a resort worker...