The Big Baller Brand was once an up-and-coming brand that was on its way to becoming a worldwide brand. The company's downfall began when it was revealed that co-partner Alan Foster allegedly stole money from the Ball family. Since then, Alan has escaped to a foreign country and Big Baller Brand never quite recovered. With Alan being somewhere else in the world with minimal media attention, he has created a YouTube channel where he creates videos with insider secrets of the formation of Big Baller Brand and what exactly happened between him and the Ball family.

From watching all of the 12 videos, excluding two of them that are over 40 minutes as I simply don't care nor have the time to watch a video that long, I've learned quite a bit about what happened between Alan Foster and the Ball family. Here's what I've learned.

Melo truly never completed high school

In a two-part video, Alan talked about how LaMelo Ball never completed high school which seems true given all the information that Alan provided in the videos. When Melo was in 10th grade, LaVar pulled him out of Chino Hills high school simply because LaVar didn't like the new basketball coach. Instead of finding a new school to play at, LaVar and Melo, along with the middle child LiAngelo, decided to play professional basketball overseas in Lithuania.

Once Melo got to his senior year, he decided he wanted to go back to school. He enrolled at SPIRE Academy in Geneva, Ohio which is an elite athlete school but what the public didn't know at the time was Melo wouldn't be doing any school courses rather just focus strictly on basketball which was an option that SPIRE provided.

Alan recommended to LaVar that they enroll Melo in online courses but LaVar didn't want to do that as he wanted Melo to focus strictly on basketball.

This also explains part of the reason why Melo isn't playing college basketball despite the fact that he wanted to. The NCAA prohibits players from having to be paid to play previously before enrolling which is the criteria Melo didn't fall under as he got paid to play in Lithuania.

He got paid while playing in his father's JBA league and also got paid while playing on the JBA USA team that traveled overseas to play professional teams. Another reason Melo isn't playing college basketball is that he doesn't have a transcript to provide to the school because he never made it past ninth grade.

Alan was right about Lonzo's ankle injury

Alan Foster's first video, "Breaking News: Alan Foster of BBB Reveals Facts About Lonzo Ball's Ankle Injury," has been viewed 200 000 times. He goes into depth about Lonzo's ankle injury that allowed him to play only 47 games for the Lakers last year. He revealed how Lonzo had an appointment to view an associate of Alan's who's a foot specialist but, if Lonzo had followed through with the appointment, the Lakers threatened they would have voided his contract.

This is true as this was also reported by reliable and trustworthy news and media outlets. He talked about how he thinks Lonzo and the Lakers were hiding the true extent of his injury as he was eventually traded to the Pelicans in July in a package that saw Anthony Davis heading to LA. Lonzo has dealt with some soreness in his ankles this year but has yet to get surgery or any significant treatment for it.

He also talks about LiAngelo's ankle injury which was more severe than Lonzo's and required surgery. Gelo went to the associate of Alan's who checked him out and found that Gelo needed surgery which he got surgery on his ankle in New York. As Gelo was not part of any team at the time, there was nothing holding him back and the surgery was the best option for him to get back on the court in hopes of getting signed by an NBA team.

He just recently signed with the Thunder's G-League team as a member of the practice squad.

No way Alan fully funded BBB

Throughout his videos, Alan claims that he started Big Baller Brand completely with his own money without any financial assistance from anyone including the Ball family. While I believe that he's right regarding his borrowing money from investors and not owing anyone money, it doesn't make sense that LaVar didn't put in a single dollar into his company.

Big Baller Brand is focused on basketball and LaVar's three kids, Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo with each B in the logo representing each Ball child. If the brand is focused and revolves around his sons, wouldn't LaVar want to have some financial input into the company?

While LaVar is a millionaire now, with an estimated net worth of $4 million, before that he was a personal trainer and his wife Tina was a teacher. This should have given the Ball family enough money to start a company around the success and popularity of their sons in the media and basketball world.

Goes a little too far sometimes

While Alan is talking about every detail to try and persuade the public that the Ball family is really the enemy, he sometimes goes a little too far doing so. In one video, he talks about how he scheduled two abortions for Lonzo's ex-girlfriend Denise Garcia while she was pregnant with his daughter Zoey. Whether that is true or not, this isn't something he should be revealing to the public.

He also sometimes goes a little too far when it comes to the mother of the Ball boys, Tina as she suffered a stroke and is still recovering from it to get back to full health.

This problem won't be resolved for years

Getting to the bottom of the issues between Alan Foster and the Ball family won't be happening for years. Many cases these days have taken years to resolve especially with the right for each party to appeal the judge's decision and take it as far as the Supreme Court.

The Ball family has sued Alan Foster for stealing $1.5 million and Alan Foster countersued the Ball family for embezzlement as he is accusing the Ball family of stealing $2.5 million from him. He even did a video on how LaVar, Lonzo and Lonzo's manager Darren Moore who goes by the name "DMO," could go to prison for embezzlement. With this being such a high profile case and a lot being at stake, it will be a long time until we really find out who's telling the truth.