This would be the second year that 34-year-old LeBron James plays for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association. He was earlier in the Cleveland Cavaliers. The three-time NBA champion is an outstanding basketball player and could break a few records this season to carve his name in the portals of history. A number of parameters define the importance of a player to the team. Some of these are regular-season minutes, three-pointers attempted per game, starting point guard, total career steals, and total scoring apart from rebounds, assists, and blocks per game.

Improving upon these qualities offer opportunities for LeBron James to display his superiority in the highly competitive field.

Hoops Hype analyzed these traits and feel LeBron James stands a good chance to enter the record books and create history. He has revealed his powers, proved his ability to control the game and emerge victoriously. The game needs physically fit players who will be alert to exploit any situation and take advantage of the weakness of the opponent. James is a master and knows the tricks of the trade. Obviously, he could add more feathers to his cap this season.

He is a pillar of Los Angeles Lakers

Basketball is a team game and LeBron James is an asset for any team.

He has maintained his fitness admirably over the years and is in possession of qualities that make him an indispensable member of the Los Angeles Lakers. He can anticipate the moves of his opponents and take necessary action in the twinkling of an eye to counter-attack.

Hoops Hype mentions about some probable records that he could add to his name.

Right now, LeBron James heads the list of players who have stayed longest on the court and is the only player to record 10,000 minutes in the playoffs. Then comes his three-pointers attempted per game. When he played for the Cleveland Cavaliers, he scored 149 field goals from beyond the arc. It was a career-high for him. Then comes his assists per game, which could fetch him a record.

As to total career steals, James ranks No. 2 overall and there are possibilities of becoming No. 1. Another aspect is his points per game and total scoring. These will also be in his sights.

It has been a long journey for LeBron James

According to Fade Away World, LeBron James is set to begin his 17th season in the NBA. He would love to leave the field on a high note with probably his fourth ever championship and the first one ever for the Los Angeles Lakers. He won the Most Valuable Player award four times and is undoubtedly an icon of the game waiting to enter the Hall of Fame. It has been a long journey for him and his fans expect him to break some records in the 2019-20 season. Many of them feel he is on the last lap of his journey. They would like to see him carry away a few more laurels.