A couple of weeks have already gone by and the world is still in shock about Kobe Bryant’s untimely passing. Fans of the NBA great are furious, however, over a recent interview done by “CBS This Morning” host Gayle King as there was a part in the interview where she brought up the basketball superstar’s long-dismissed assault case. The journalist already addressed it over on Twitter saying that she too was upset. It was also learned that her co-workers over at CBS were also angered by the network’s move to post the clip online.

Gayle King’s co-workers are also angry about the Kobe clip

According to the verified TMZ account on YouTube, staffers of the CBS morning show “were pissed” that the TV network did not protect King, adding that they made sure the network heard it. The entertainment website also learned that the employees deemed the clip as “salacious” and unlike the show’s past promos, the interview with WNBA Lisa Leslie made King the “bad guy” this time.

As for the CBS staff responsible for releasing the clip online, TMZ was told that the employee was “visibly upset in the office” after King addressed the issue on her social media accounts.

CBS admitting to its mistake

CBS released a statement admitting that they made a slip up on this one. The network also stated that they’ll be putting efforts in place in the future so that nothing similar to this would ever happen again.

As mentioned, fans of the Black Mamba were obviously furious about it. They took to social media to point out that what King did was insensitive. Even celebrities like Snoop Dogg and 50 Cent slammed the journalist online.

Snoop was furious in his Instagram post while calling out the CBS host. In his short clip, he said, “we expect more from you, Gayle.” “Why y’all attacking us?” “How dare you try to tarnish my motherf*cking homeboy’s reputation?” The rapper went on, advising King to back off before they come and get her.

But he later told fans he never meant to threaten her.

50 Cent was asked about it during the premiere of his new show on ABC dubbed “For Life.” He said, “I just don’t know what they’re trying to do when the man is dead.” “The legal system couldn’t deal with it. What are you supposed to do, publicly convict him? Is that the idea?”

Oprah revealing she’s not okay

King’s best friend – Oprah Winfrey - tearfully revealed on NBC’s “Hoda and Jenna” that the TV host “is not doing well” and has been getting threats on her life. She also said that King has to travel with security and went on to say that her friend is “feeling very much attacked” and was put in a really terrible position because the interview had already run.