NBA games between the Brooklyn Nets and the Los Angeles Lakers is often a heated and hard-fought one. The first of the two matches, scheduled for the NBA China Games 2019, saw the Nets win 114-111. It was a painful and challenging victory, as Kyrie Irving had to leave the field after the first minute of play due to a facial injury. The blow, unintentionally delivered by Rajon Rondo, exacerbated Irving's facial trauma suffered in a previous game. The player then left the field as a precaution, going to the locker rooms to get meditated. A critical moment that amused the fans present was given by Dwight Howard, who lost his pants to the ankles while closing an alley-oop.

Nets led by Spencer Dinwiddie after Kyrie Irving's injury

After Kyrie Irving's injury, as reported by CBC and CNN sources, Spencer Dinwiddie took over. The player achieved great results, closing with seven assists and 20 points. The Los Angeles Lakers' starters were on the court for 25 minutes, during which time they fought hard for victory.

The best scorer of the Los Angeles Lakers was, once again, LeBron James, who recorded six rebounds and 20 points, followed closely by Davis and Rondo. However, despite the commitment of the yellow-purple, the opponents got the better of them.

An atmosphere of the strange and surreal NBA match

The NBA game that saw the Los Angeles Lakers pitted against the Nets is to be remembered for the strange atmosphere it provided.

There were many sponsors missing in this match.

The Chinese government had set precise limits and rules to respect. For this reason, the teams could not make statements to the press both before and after the match. If the ban had not been respected, the suspension of the defaulting team would have been triggered for 72 hours.

Despite the tense climate, the fans were unleashed, welcoming with joy both the Los Angeles Lakers and the Nets.

Dwight Howard loses his pants

Dwight Howard, who lost his pants while shooting an alley-oop, was there to calm the climate. Now we just have to wait for the challenge between the Nets and the Lakers to be held in Shenzhen on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the Houston Rockets played in Tokyo against the reigning champions of the Toronto Raptors. With an exceptional match, the Texans won. The Harden-Westbrook couple was fantastic, and the fans present were thrilled. Stay tuned to Blasting News for other notable NBA news and updates.