Los Angeles Lakers' star LeBron James was noticeably and understandably silent following the shocking death of NBA great Kobe Bryant this past Sunday. It clearly took a toll on the NBA superstar as it had on many other professional athletes, celebrities, and sports fans. That's because James and Bryant shared a number of years and memories together during their interlinked careers, as well as during the current era where LeBron took over as the top star for the Lakers.

Over a day after Kobe's shocking helicopter crash, James posted some of his thoughts on Instagram as many people around the world continue to mourn the five-time NBA champion.

LeBron made reference to a final conversation he shared with Bryant and expressed how he was "heartbroken" and "devastated" by the loss of his friend.

Lebron James posts about Kobe on Instagram

On Monday evening, LeBron James took to Instagram to finally give his perspective on the news that hit everyone so hard. The news of Kobe Bryant's tragic death occurred not long after he'd shared a special conversation with the former NBA star, in which Bryant congratulated James for his latest career milestone.

That milestone was LeBron officially moving past Kobe for third place in terms of career points scored. James admitted in his IG post that he didn't expect that would be the final conversation he had with the Lakers great.

In addition, he expressed being "heartbroken" and "devastated" by the loss of his "big brother." LeBron also vowed to "continue his legacy" and expressed his sorrow for Kobe's wife and three other children. James asked for Kobe to watch over him adding he had "so much more to say" but couldn't at the moment.

LeBron also included a series of different images that captured him and Kobe Bryant in various moments.

One of those was of Kobe attending a Lakers game with his daughter Gianna who also passed away in Sunday's tragic helicopter crash. Other images showed LeBron and Kobe joking around as NA opponents or as teammates for Team USA.

Reportedly, LeBron James was inconsolable following the initial news of Kobe's death and based on his Instagram post he's still finding ways to try to process the loss.

LeBron James spoke of Kobe's influence

In a surreal moment for James several nights ago, he made NBA history by passing Kobe Bryant to become third overall on the NBA's all-time scoring list. What made it surreal was LeBron achieved the feat as a member of Kobe's longtime team, the Lakers, and in Kobe's home city of Philadelphia against the 76ers.

Following the milestone, LeBron spoke with the media about how Bryant was someone he idolized based on his basketball journey from high school straight to the league.

It's clear that the particular milestone meant a lot for many people, but the passing of Kobe has taken precedence over statistics as his highlights and memorable moments are what have players reflecting on things.

LeBron James, Kobe shared a special bond as league superstars

Kobe Bryant was the No. 13 draft pick back in 1996, while LeBron came into the league first overall in 2003. The two were linked during their time together in the league as fans continued to gravitate towards any showdown involving the two players whether it was a regular-season matchup or an All-Star Game.

They never met in the NBA Finals as many had hoped they would but it was clear the two players had a special bond. Kobe basically passed the torch to James to lead the NBA upon his retirement and LeBron has done just that.

Based on what LeBron James has shown in his career and continues to show, he's been paying tribute to those who paved the way for him to show his greatness.

King James keeps making history as he continues his journey after Kobe's impact on the league.

Now that he's 17 years deep into his superstar career, fans are watching to see LeBron James get his fourth NBA championship. That could conceivably come in the near future as he carries on the tradition with the Lakers.

It's clear that Bryant was a major influence in terms of LeBron finding the inspiration and strength to do many of the amazing things he has.