Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna Maria-Onore Bryant’s untimely demise have shocked the entire world as well-known personalities and fans paid tribute to both of them. A tweet from seven years ago and a defunct TV show are both gaining traction as they seem to have predicted the basketball superstar’s tragic fate.

The disturbing tweet and clip

The Twitter post from user Noso (@dotNoso) that was tweeted in November of 2012 has recently resurfaced and has gone viral after it stated that Bryant will meet his end in a helicopter crash. This chilling post has been getting a ton of interaction among Twitter users and attention from some media outlets.

The tweet was blowing up so much that someone called the tweeter up and told them his old tweet has gone viral.

There are those who questioned the authenticity of the tweet as some of them believed that it’s fake. However, someone pointed out some things that make the tweet real.

In line with this, numerous people have uploaded on YouTube a short clip from the animated TV series “Legends of Chamberlain Heights” showing the same “prediction” as Noso’s. Albeit it being animated, the video is pretty unsettling.

‘Extremely foggy’ weather

The weather may have been one of the causes that led to the unfortunate crash of Bryant’s helicopter as was noted by TMZ.

According to them, the Los Angeles weather was “extremely foggy” on that fateful Sunday morning, adding that law enforcement sources told them that even LAPD’s air support was grounded because of it. They further explained that the NBA legend’s chopper initially seems to have problems above the L.A. Zoo, Apparently, it circled about six times at that spot at a very low altitude (probably waiting for the fog clear out).

The chopper pilot radioed Burbank Airport’s control tower as the airport personnel was aware that they’d been circling for quite a while now (15 minutes). Bryant’s pilot then headed north before deciding to turn westward and started following the 101 freeway.

At around 9:40 A.M. (PT), they came across with some heavy fog yet again that prompted the pilot to turn south.

TMZ stated that such a decision was critical since the helicopter turned toward a mountainous area, adding that the pilot quickly climbed from 1200 to 2000 feet. A few minutes after the ascent, however, the chopper flew into a mountain at 1,700 feet at 161 knots.

Nine perished

CBS Los Angeles noted that among those who perished were identified as:

  • Ara Zobayan (pilot)
  • Sarah Chester
  • Payton Chester
  • Christina Mauser (Basketball coach at Harbor Day School in Newport Beach)
  • John Altobelli (head baseball coach at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa) alongside his wife Keri and daughter Alyssa

Kobe Bryant is survived by his wife Vanessa and daughters Natalia, Bianca, and Capri. many prayers go out to those who are deeply affected by this tragedy.