NFL Training Camp 2017: Report dates, updated Super Bowl odds for all 32 teams

NFL is the king of all sports in the US, and it will be making a much anticipated return within weeks.
Are you ready for some football? Who isn’t! The good news for football fans is that training camp opens this week for every team in the NFL, and the preseason schedule is less than two weeks away....
24 July 2017 -
J. Karbousky

Former Nebraska star Ahman Green's child abuse case moves forward

The Green Bay Packers all-time leading rusher is in a spot of legal trouble that isn't going away
Former Nebraska and Green Bay football star Ahman Green isn't seeing his child abuse charges go away. In fact, the case against the retired running back is moving forward. Former Nebraska football...
11 July 2017 -
O. VanDervoort

Green Bay Packers cornerback Kevin King posts weird question on Twitter

Perhaps this could be chalked up to a rookie mistake, but it certainly won't happen again.
Green Bay Packers rookie Kevin King is still learning the ropes - that includes social media use. There are some things that may be inappropriate to post on Twitter as a professional athlete. It can...
14 July 2017 -
H. Walter-Warner
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  • Green Bay Packers: A look ahead to training camp

    General manager Ted Thompson was busier than usual this offseason as the always-formidable Green Bay Packers look to make another Super Bowl run.
    There’s no franchise in NFL history than has won more league titles (13) than the Green Bay Packers. They call it “Titletown” for a reason. And these days, with talented Aaron Rodgers at the...
    18 July 2017
    R. S. Baxter
  • Green Bay Packers receive big payment in 2017 from NFL

    Packers were one of a number of teams that pocketed a big bonus this year.
    The Green Bay Packers are the only NFL team that is owned by the public instead of by an individual owner. Because of this, the Packers release their net income and expense statements each year to...
    12 July 2017
    S. Lealos
  • Top 5 NFL teams going into the regular season

    Some of these will be clearly obvious like the reigning champs at number one, but some might just surprise you.
    The NFL season is on the horizon as it kicks off in August. There have been a significant amount of moves made by teams to strengthen their rosters and boost their chances to win a Super Bowl. It...
    15 July 2017
    A. Fanos
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  • Packers need to give Aaron Rodgers a contract soon

    There's no reason to wait any longer. One of the top quarterbacks in the game deserves to be paid accordingly.
    The Green Bay Packers have been one of the best teams in football over the past few years, consistently making the playoffs and winning a Super Bowl. A major reason why is star quarterback Aaron...
    27 June 2017
    A. Granville
  • Green Bay Packers legend Brett Favre mulling a return to team

    Favre said that he is considering returning to the NFL as a coach or general manager.
    When Brett Favre was the star quarterback of the Green Bay Packers, he was considered one of the toughest quarterbacks in the NFL. When Favre left Green Bay, Favre developed a reputation as someone...
    29 June 2017
    S. Lealos
  • Los Angeles Chargers' 1st-round pick could miss whole season

    Plus, a Green Bay Packers receiver gets suspended, along with Ezekiel Elliot's investigation.
    The Los Angeles Chargers have received bad news and are now fearing the worst concerning their first round pick, wide receiver Mike Williams. Also, Green Bay Packers wide receiver Geronimo Allison has...
    19 July 2017
    G. Sousa
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