Green Bay Packers GM admits he needs a RB, but won't discuss Adrian Peterson

Peterson and the Green Bay Packers have been linked in one report after another but no movement yet
The Green Bay Packers have officially admitted they are in the market for a running back. While this might be old news to most fans of the team, who have known running back was a position of need...
28 March 2017 -
W. Atticus

Green Bay Packers sign guard Justin McCray

The former member of the Tennessee Titans will compete for T.J. Lang's vacant starting spot.
The Green Bay Packers were always going to need to retool their offensive line this offseason. They lost several potential starters and could lose even more going into next season due to injury. In an...
29 March 2017 -
H. Walter-Warner

Green Bay Packers will never leave their city

As the Raiders choose to move to Las Vegas, it's worth noting that Green Bay will never move.
The Green Bay Packers are one of the most successful franchises in NFL history. In recent years, the Packers regularly make the playoffs and Aaron Rodgers even led the team to a Super Bowl victory....
29 March 2017 -
A. Granville
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  • The Green Bay Packers need to be aware of how Martellus Bennett is fitting in

    A big free agent splash at tight end, one of the newest Green Bay Packers players is known to get under teammates and coaches' skins
    When the Green Bay Packers signed tight end Martellus Bennett this offseason, it made headlines for a variety of reasons. One reason the signing got so much attention is that the Packers appeared to...
    29 March 2017
    W. Atticus
  • Adrian Peterson might have just ruled out the Green Bay Packers

    The fomer Pro Bowler announced the top three teams he would like to play for and Packers weren't on the list
    The rumored marriage between the Green Bay Packers and Adrian Peterson appears to have been called off. The running back went on ESPN on Thursday morning and listed the three teams he most wants to...
    24 March 2017
    W. Atticus
  • Could the Green Bay Packers make a play for Rey Maualuga?

    The veteran linebacker was released by the Cincinnati Bengals on Saturday.
    The Green Bay Packers have room for improvement at the linebacker position. Nick Perry broke out as a star on the outside last season, but the team has question marks throughout the rest of the group....
    25 March 2017
    H. Walter-Warner
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  • Green Bay Packers looking to replace Peppers with Connor Barwin

    The Packers might have had a great defensive player fall into their laps.
    It appears the Green Bay Packers are going to allow one of their best pass rushers from last season in the form of Julius Peppers to join another team. That means there is an opening on the roster and...
    11 March 2017
    W. Atticus
  • Former Husker Rex Burkhead finds himself with several choices in free agency

    The former Husker running back has been touring NFL teams looking for the right fit for the free agent
    Rex Burkhead finds himself in a situation the former Husker might have wondered would ever happen when he first entered the NFL. There are quite a few teams that appear to be clamoring for the running...
    14 March 2017
    W. Atticus
  • Green Bay Packers draft profile: T.J. Watt

    The Wisconsin Badgers linebacker would not have to go very far moving from college to the NFL.
    The Green Bay Packers will be on the clock with the No. 29 selection in the 2017 NFL Draft. They have a wide array of needs, despite qualifying for the NFC Championship Game last season. One player...
    5 March 2017
    H. Walter-Warner
  • Green Bay Packers officially meeting with potential first round pick

    TJ Watt has long been thought to be a fit for the Pack, and now the two sides are meeting.
    The Green Bay packers have a bit of a conundrum on their hands when it comes to who they should choose. One of the names that has come up more than a few times is defensive end TJ Watt. It's not a...
    5 March 2017
    W. Atticus
  • Green Bay Packers: Eddie Lacy to the Minnesota Vikings?

    Slated for free agency in less than a week, could Green Bay Packers workhorse Eddie Lacy jump to a divisional rival?
    As we know, the Minnesota Vikings have opted not to pick up the 2017 option on legendary running back Adrian (All Day) Peterson. That doesn’t mean they can’t change their mind and still re-sign...
    2 March 2017
    R. S. Baxter
  • Green Bay Packers 2017: Which free-agent CBs would be the best fit?

    If there’s a NFL franchise that’s been quiet in free agency, it’s the Green Bay Packers. That may change at the cornerback position.
    They are a franchise that have reached the playoffs each of the past eight seasons. That’s tied with the New England Patriots for the longest-active streak in the NFL. But while Tom Brady and...
    3 March 2017
    R. S. Baxter
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