It’s that time of the year again. The 2019 NFL comes to an end with Super Bowl 53. Are we excited? Always. What will we think about it, after it’s over? Who knows.

Recaps of Super Bowls 51 to 53

Super Bowl 51 will always be remembered as the biggest choke-job by any team. The Atlanta Falcons blew a 25 point lead, for a Patriots victory. The closely anticipated match started as an over-glorified game of Madden; set on rookie mode. Everything changed in the fourth quarter. Patriots scored 25 unanswered points and forced overtime. From there, the Falcons were picked apart, before giving up the winning touchdown.

Super Bowl 52 was a rematch from twelve years prior. The Philadelphia Eagles were expected to be blown out of the water; with backup QB Nick Foles as the starter. To everyone’s shock, the Eagles kept it close and dethroned the champs. Throughout the game, Tom Brady showed us his best Super Bowl performance ever (83.8 QBR as per ESPN). But a fourth-quarter sack ended it all. The Eagles recovered and kicked a field goal; leading 41-33. The Patriots failed to score on their last drive, thus the Eagles took the gold.

A chance at redemption manifested itself, as Brady and company reached the big game; again. This time, the Rams made it. The defenses were putting up a show. Sony Michel scored the lone touchdown for the win.

It’s important to note something about Brady’s performance. In any other given Super Bowl, he always managed to chip away at defenses and put up MVP-like stats. This version of Brady did not perform at the same caliber as his previous victories (25.8 QBR as per ESPN). Julian Edelman was the workhorse of this offense. This was a sign of things to come.

Road to Super Bowl 54

To everyone’s surprise, the Titans disposed of the Patriots in the wildcard round. While the majority of the football world cheered at the moment, something felt off. Winning the Super Bowl is always the pinnacle of all achievements. The significance increases when you take down Brady and the Patriots. Just watch highlights of this season, it’s quite noticeable that Brady’s performance has seen a significant decline.

Regardless of which NFC team were to meet New England, at the end. The greatly weakened offense was not going to prevail this time around.

Sure, 54 will be different for that reason. At face value, it will be fun to see someone else have a shot. Regardless; think about this: To deal a devastating blow to the Patriots dynasty, it means more at the Super Bowl. The Giants did it twice and the Eagles once. You always want to know who will take Brady down, when it matters the most. It’s an honor to be that team.

Without a doubt, the big game (regardless of the finalist) is anticipated to be a spectacle. Even more for the teams’ fans. This time around, it’s not the world against the Patriots, only two different teams.

Two teams that mean nothing to the rest of the NFL’s fans. That’s why this Super Bowl might be easy to forget.

The only way that Super Bowl 54 can be exciting is if we see the rise of a new GOAT; in Jimmy Garoppolo. The 25-year championship drought for the 49ers just might end. Despite not having won the championship in over two decades, the team is one of best known outside of the NFL. A whole new storyline can manifest itself if the Niners win. Niner Nation will finally move on from the legacy of the Joe Montana era.

Of course, we also have the Green Bay Packers. If they conquer all, it will be fitting. The trophy named after their legendary coach will return to the Super Bowl’s first winners.

It adds a second and well-deserved title to Aaron Rodgers, who last led the Packers to victory almost ten years back. Just like the Niners, the Packers are another well-recognized team, outside of the NFL.

Super Bowl LIV will be one to forget

The other remotely exciting scenario is if the Titans go the distance. If they fail to do so, beating the Patriots will be their only highlight in the club’s history. We also have the Kansas City Chiefs. Over the last two seasons, they have built themselves as potential champions. Last year, it was New England that ruined it all. We see the future of the NFL in Patrick Mahomes, but he isn’t lighting the world on fire either. With all respect to the Titans and Chiefs, who else is aware of their existence and 2019 performance?

Only their fan bases.

Picture this scenario: Either the Chiefs or Titans win it all. They put a performance that will make the 2001 Patriots jealous. One or two years later, that championship win will be a vague memory, at most. When trying to accomplish in the Brady Era, leaving an impression is near impossible.