Remember when the Dallas Cowboys had the three-peat back in 1994? At that time, I was a football superfan. Then, Jerry Jones and Jimmy Johnson got into an ego trip over the success of the team and who, between the two of them, deserved the credit for it.

Jones-Johnson Cowboys drama

The two ended up “divorcing” and key players, who helped the most in keeping the team at the top, got better offers, and took off quicker than lightning strikes the ground, leaving nothing but mediocre players and an otherwise empty shell. I mean no offense to the other players - but let’s be honest - they couldn’t have done what they did without key players who had that right combination of physical qualities and talent.

What came out of that for me was that I never watched football again. I realized that it's a huge moneymaking gimmick that relies on the dopamine and oxytocin addiction of a certain portion of the human race that is essentially groomed, much in the same way a sexual predator would groom young children - from a very early age. The corporation that is professional football is a predator of epic proportions.

Your team sucks - they all do

When I hear people say “ this team” or “that team sucks,” I laugh a little. People seem to love the sensation of smoke being blown up their bums. But, from my perspective, every professional football team sucks. Years ago I came to that conclusion because really, let's be honest, all any winning professional football team is - is an amalgamation of pieces put together by rich owners and poor, exceptional(from irrelevant parts of the country) players who held out for the most money and would sell out the moment a better offer was made.

That’s not a team - it’s a corporation. One might even call it slavery only with a little Stockholm Syndrome mixed in.

Killing for the sport

Nevermind that there is a growing body of evidence that has been consistently proven that the repeated blows to the head received by football players as early as little league, according to CNN, can end up causing profound disabilities as well as even death, later on in life, from a condition known as Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy(CTE).

But, despite CTE having been discovered as far back as 2012, there is still an incredible sense of apathy around the industry, regarding CTE, and no one seems to be in much of a hurry to do anything about it. Children are still started early in the sport by parents who are either uninformed or just don’t care. If that is not evidence of grooming and corporate control, I don’t know what is.

The amount of money that is present at just about all levels of football has ensured, at least for the foreseeable future, that football as it currently is, is still going to be around.