The Green Bay Packers are having a rather unusual offseason - Aaron Rodgers, specifically. After being largely the focus of hero worship, during his career, a bad 2018 has led to a number of former teammates calling him out. Now, after weeks of the sure-fire Hall of Fame quarterback taking fire, one former wide receiver has lept to his defense. Jordy Nelson isn't having any part of the new attacks on Rodgers and has even gone out of his way to fire back at the former Packers' players who have put the quarterback in the crosshairs.

Negative headlines are the cause of Aaron Rodgers criticism

"I think if you look, there's two guys — now three (with Gbaja-Biamila) — saying it, compared to the hundreds that are saying the opposite. It doesn't make sense," Nelson told local newspaper "I think it's comical when I read those comments," he added later.

While there have been some people who have posited that the reason people are coming out of the woodwork now is that the Green Bay Packers have been struggling, Nelson thinks it's a far more petty reason than even that. He thinks Rodgers has become fair game only because the people who are talking poorly about him are doing so because they know it will make headlines.

It's hard to argue with Jordy Nelson on that score. The comments, after all, have been published and focused on. They've been focused on to the point that Nelson himself felt like he had to comment.

The former Packers player likely felt like he had to fight back because he spent most of his career being the lead target for Aaron Rodgers.

The duo hooked up hundreds of times and led the team through one of its best runs in franchise history.

Packers QB has trust issues?

The numbers the pair were able to register played a very big part in Rodgers recently getting a massive new contract. That contract has led to people taking a longer look at what he has managed to do with a depleted surrounding cast.

The lack of a real supporting cast led to the Packers deciding they needed to get a new head coach this offseason.

Nelson believes that the fingers being pointed at the Green Bay quarterback make little sense at this point. For one thing, the receiver looked at what former Pack tight end Jermichael Finley said. Finley claimed Rodgers had some trust issues. Nelson responded that expecting his teammates to make sure they were practicing hard, and checking up on teammates is what you should want the starting quarterback to do.

"I think any great quarterback out there does the same thing," Nelson said as he finished his interview about the Green Bay Packers' great.