A former Green Bay Packers wide receiver admitted that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is a better teammate and a friend compared to his ex-teammate Aaron Rodgers when it comes to treating his wideouts. In an interview with Bleacher Report, Greg Jennings, who played for seven seasons with the Packers, said he “could tell Packers receivers were scared just to say hello with Rodgers likely hyper-analyzing their every move from afar.”

According to Jennings, he was saddened by the situation because it should not be like this. Jennings added that his teammates want the relationship that Brady has with his receivers, especially with Julian Edelman.

"Everyone wants that," he said, referring to the time that Brady and Edelman spent off the field that turns into a productive partnership on the field. The Bleacher Report article, written by Tyler Dunne, added that “Brady builds bonds for life, and that can be the difference between division titles and Super Bowls.” Jennings statement was supported later by “The Herd” host Colin Cowherd, who said that Brady has maturity and the ability to not hold grudges, compared to Rodgers.

Jennings played seven seasons with the Packers

Jennings played two of his seven seasons in Green Bay with former Packers starting quarterback Brett Favre, whose retirement in the 2008 season paved the way for Rodgers to take over the role.

In 2009, Jennings said he was admonished by Rodgers after he talked to Favre, who was playing for the Minnesota Vikings then. Rodgers asked Jennings “why did he have to do that” as if he was taking sides.

"I can't have a relationship with him because you have a problem with him?" said Jennings, adding that his relationship with fellow wideouts Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb deteriorated as the two were known to be close allies with Rodgers.

Rodgers could join GOAT debate

Under new Packers head coach Matt LeFleur, Jennings believes that Rodgers has a chance to join the GOAT debate and the Brady stratosphere if he will listen to his new mentor. However, knowing Rodgers long enough, Jennings said he expects the veteran quarterback to make it hard on the new coach.

“I know how Aaron operates," Jennings said, adding that Rodgers’ statement on his first interview since the LeFleur hiring speaks volumes.

“For him to make that statement, it already lets me know he's going to make it hard on a young Matt LaFleur,” said Jennings, referring to Rodgers’ statement that it will be “tough at first.” Jennings said Rodgers should simply sacrifice some passing plays to allow LeFleur’s plan to run the ball more to develop. Jennings mentioned that Brady made that sacrifice in the AFC title game when he handed the ball 47 times to his running backs to keep quarterback Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs off the field.