Aaron Rodgers is getting on in years and there were rumors that the Green Bay Packers might be looking to select someone to replace him. The team brought in Missouri quarterback Drew Lock for some interviews ahead of the draft.

Those interviews led to speculation that they were indeed going to be drafting a quarterback in the just-concluded draft. While the weekend came and went without the Packers taking another signal caller, 247Sports is reporting that they were indeed quite close to drafting Lock.

Green Bay growing tired of the act?

While he is still one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, there has been quite a bit of talk this offseason about his shortcomings.

Despite that talk, there is very little doubt that the Packers are going to have Rodgers under center for the 2019 season.

Green Bay is still going to need to start looking for the next generation of quarterback. They did the same when Brett Favre was still their QB and Rodgers was first introduced to titletown.

It now appears that if Drew Lock has been available when the Green Bay Packers had chosen in the second round, the Missouri passer might be looking to start his job as an understudy to one of the best passers the game has ever seen. Even if that passer has seen some tarnish on his reputation.

Drew Lock as the prolific passer

Anyone who thinks the talk of taking a quarterback in the draft was just about trying to throw more dirt on Aaron Rodgers is mistaken.

There have been numerous reports that their interest in Lock was real.

The Packers weren't going to take just any quarterback, but he had shown enough during his college days and then in pre-draft interviews to impress the team. If it hadn't been for the Denver Broncos jumping ahead of them by just two picks, it appears he would be getting fitted for his green and gold uniform right now.

It's not difficult to understand why Lock became one of the more sought after quarterbacks in the 2019 draft. He was one of the most prolific passers, in college football, during his career. That's still the case despite the fact that he backslid a bit in his senior season.

The 2017 season was his best by far. There were some who thought he might have gone pro early.

Had he done so, he might have already become a member of Green Bay. Lock threw for 3,964 yards and 44 touchdowns while tossing 13 interceptions.

There is one way in which Drew Lock improved his performance in 2019. While he threw just 28 touchdowns and has fewer yards in 3,498 yards, his completion percentage went up to 62.9 percent. That kind of performance appears to be one of the big reasons why the Green Bay Packers decided he was someone who would fit into their system if he had still been around.