Usually in the NFL, most free agents come off the board the first few days of free agency with some players committing to teams before they're allowed to sign a contract. Not all players are able to get a contract so quickly as some have to wait several days, weeks, or even months before they get signed. With the 2020 free agency period being open for over three months, several players remain on the board. As football is a position based game, where versatility in players is quite rare, especially in offensive players, teams usually sign players if they play a needed position but not always.

Here is who is available and which teams could use them.

Jadeveon Clowney

No one expected Clowney to be available this late in free agency. Clowney was expected to be one of the most sought after players but he is still currently without a contract. One thing that comes with Clowney is that he's a versatile defensive player as he has the ability to play both as a defensive end and as a linebacker. Last season with the Seahawks, he recorded 27 tackles with 17 of those being solo ones along with three sacks, three pass deflections, and an interception. It was a down year for the former first overall pick but he's still got stuff left at the tank as he's only 27 years old.

It's uncertain if Clowney is seeking a multi-year deal or if he prefers a loaded one year deal to prove himself to the league but expect him to be on a team before the season starts.

He has previously been linked to the Browns and Jets but he apparently declined offers from both teams. There have been rumors circulating that he wants to play for the Cowboys or Saints and he's waiting for an offer from either team but neither seems like a great fit from a positional basis.

There are teams like the Buccaneers and Ravens that would benefit from bringing in Clowney but both teams are near the bottom of the league in available cap space.

Based on cap space and need, good fits for Clowney would be any of the Titans, Lions, Jets, Giants, Falcons or Dolphins.

Teams with a little less money and don't care about versatility as much could turn to Everson Griffen. Last season with the Vikings, Griffen recorded 40 tackles (25 solos) with eight sacks, two pass deflections, and an interception.

Unlike Clowney who can be found at different parts of the field, Griffen is an edge rusher who never leaves the line.

Logan Ryan

Like Clowney, Ryan was expected to be off the board quite quickly but he remains unsigned as of today. Last season with the Titans, the seven-year veteran had 105 tackles (65 solos), 4.5 sacks, 18 pass deflections, and four interceptions. To his name, Ryan has two Super Bowls which both came with the Patriots. He'd be a great addition to a team in need of secondary help with those teams being the Cowboys and Jets with him being linked to the latter at points during the offseason.

If the Cowboys or Jets can't come to an agreement with Ryan or deem him to expensive, they could go a different route for secondary help by signing one of Darqueze Dennard or Dre Kirkpatrick.

While Ryan is better than Dennard and Kirkpatrick, the latter two would come at a cheaper cost.

Jason Peters

Since making his debut in 2004, the 38-year-old Peters is a nine-time Pro Bowler, made the All-First team twice, he's apart of the 2010 All-Decade team and has won one Super Bowl. It's understandable why teams may distance themselves from Peters due to his age but the 6'4, 328-pound behemoth can still be a serviceable lineman. His former team, the Philadelphia Eagles, could bring back Peters due to the injury of starting lineman Brandon Brooks. Other teams that could use him are the Browns, Seahawks, Redskins and Chargers.

Devonta Freeman

Freeman used to be one of the top running backs in the league but his performance has gone downwards over the past few years.

That's not saying that he could still contribute in the run game in the NFL. Last season, he rushed for 656 yards averaging 3.6 yards a carry with two touchdowns. In the air, he caught 59 passes for 410 yards with four touchdowns.

Currently, the only team in need of help in the run game is the Buccaneers which would be a good fit for Freeman. Freeman would be able to form a running back committee in Tampa while partnering with Tom Brady in the air as Brady likes to rely on big running backs in the passing game. This would also be a good fit for the Buccaneers as Freeman shouldn't cost a lot of money which would be beneficial with them having just over $5 million available in cap space.

Taylor Gabriel

In 2019 with the Bears, Gabriel had 29 receptions for 353 yards and four touchdowns. Gabriel is nothing more than a third option receiver or depth. Teams in need of a wide receiver that could give Gabriel a call are the Ravens, Patriots, and Eagles. If he were to land with the Ravens, he could usurp Miles Boykin as the third receiver in the starting lineup while competing for a Super Bowl.

Delanie Walker

Over the past two years with the Titans, Walker has only appeared in eight games where he's caught 25 passes for 264 yards and scored two touchdowns. Despite his struggles and injuries, the 35-year-old tight end can still play good football when he's healthy. There are several teams in need of a tight end which include the Cardinals, Packers, Patriots, and Panthers.

The Dolphins could also use him and form a two-set tight end duo of Walker and Mike Gesicki.

Eric Reid

The safety played with the Panthers last season where he totaled 124 tackles with 91 of those being solo, four sacks, and six pass deflections. In the past, Reid was known to kneel for the anthem which many owners viewed as a distraction and disrespect. Either the 49ers or Texans could add Reid to their defense which he would improve.

Colin Kaepernick

Kaepernick hasn't been rostered by an NFL team for over 1000 days with his last appearance on an NFL field coming in 2016. Kaepernick was the first person to kneel for the anthem which gained widespread attention. Due to his actions, no team has given him a shot since.

In the 69 games that he has appeared in, he has a career completion rate of 59.8 percent with 72 touchdowns and 30 interceptions while averaging 7.3 yards a throw. He can also run too as he has 2300 career rushing yards while averaging 6.1 yards a run.

As he's been out of the league for a long time, he wouldn't get a starting role but could be a backup on an NFL team. If he is brought back into the league, it would most likely be by the Cardinals, Rams, Titans, or Vikings as those are the teams in need of a backup quarterback.

Larry Warford

The 6'3, 317-pound Warford, a three-time Pro Bowler at just 29 years old, was released by the Saints and is looking for a job. There are many teams in need of offensive line help to protect their quarterback, especially the Browns and Dolphins. The Jets, Rams, and Colts are other teams that could use him. If the Colts were able to sign him to a contract, they would possibly have one of the best offensive lines the NFL has seen in a while.