A winter snowstorm warning from the National Weather Service NWS says many areas in Denver and Boulder could experience heavy, wet snowfall. These could be from 18 to 24 inches while areas in the Front Range foothills could face up to 30 inches snowfall. The snowstorm would affect Travel and Denver International Airport cancelled innumerable flights over the weekend because of the adverse weather conditions. Colorado could face closure of roads and the authorities advised people to avoid unnecessary trips. They have indicated highways that are most likely to be affected.

This information is important because it would help people to plan their travel schedule. No one would like to be stuck in between vehicles that are unable to move. Recently, New York City had to cope with a winter storm and up to six inches of snow. A spokeswoman of Denver International airport explained regarding cancellation of nearly 2000 flights between Saturday and Sunday.

Daily Mail UK mentions about the deteriorating condition of the weather. The NWS warned travelers and skiers in higher elevations to make a note of possible dangers from avalanches and snowstorm. The accumulation of snow could trigger an avalanche. As a precautionary measure, Colorado Governor Jared Polis activated the state's National Guard.

They would respond to search and rescue requests over the weekend as and when required, for persons who face difficulties due to the snowstorm.

Blizzard and snowstorm interlinked

The NWS has also issued blizzard warnings. These are applicable to areas in Wyoming and western Nebraska. The accumulation of snowfall is up to 2 feet and the winds in the region are of 65 miles per hour.

Such a combination could translate into dangerous conditions over the weekend. Daily Mail UK says the general advice to those who plan to move out and be on the road is to carry with them emergency supplies and flashlights. There are also warnings of strong winds and heavy snowstorm. These could lead to extensive damage in surrounding areas to the infrastructure with uprooted trees and broken power lines.

These could obstruct free movement of vehicles. In case of power failure, Renewable Energy can play a stellar role to bring light into the household. Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon suggested on Twitter – “The best option is to stay off the roads this weekend.”

America gearing up to face biggest snowfall in decades

According to CNN, large portions of America are on alert to face severe weather this weekend. The Storm Prediction Center has issued a warning saying that a slow-moving system could give rise to the biggest snowfall in decades for regions like the Eastern Rockies and Western Plains.

Many parts of Wyoming are under blizzard warnings. In addition, there are Winter Storm Warnings and Advisories in place for other parts. The result would be heavy rainfall across the Midwest that could gradually shift location to the East Coast. In November 2018, the first snowfalls of the season arrived with inches of snow and seven deaths.

Denver could be in the midst of heavy snowfall

Parts of the United States would be in the grip of snowstorm. Denver could see up to 2 feet of snow, with some locations in the mountains and foothills facing up to 4 feet or more. CNN adds the area is no stranger to March snowstorms. This month happens to be that period in the year that sees heavy snowfall in Colorado and Wyoming.

As the local NWS office says - "The snowfall totals currently forecast are absolutely historic." There are flood alerts in the Midwest, which is a matter of concern. Already some rivers are approaching flood stage and further rainfall could bring them to dangerous levels and aggravate the situation. In March 2017, when there was mega snow on New York, the subway still functioned.