Celebration of Earth Day is an annual affair that began in 1970. The date is April 22, the international day of environmental action against Climate change. The Independent UK reminds us that the climate emergency continues to assume alarming proportions with each successive Earth Day. The world must realize the urgency related to the fight against the global crisis. This year, US president Joe Biden chose Earth Day to launch his virtual World Leaders Summit to address this issue. The event this year would be from April 20-21 and consist of many online and in-person activities all over the world.

The main Earth Day digital event would be on April 22 to coincide with the climate summit of President Biden. Participants would include dignitaries like Pope Francis, Al Gore, and co-architect of the 2015 Paris Agreement, Christiana Figueres. Such summits intend to raise the awareness level among the people of the need to tackle climate change. A news report of November 2018 suggests the US could face serious problems due to climate change.

Climate change and the background of Earth Day

The concept of Earth Day originated in the United States. Independent UK explains that in 1969, US Senator Gaylord Nelson witnessed the impact of a massive oil spill in Santa Barbara, California. He decided to evolve plans to protect the environment.

The organizers wanted to pick a date that would ensure the participation of students in large numbers. That is how the first Earth Day came into being in 1970. It was a huge success, and other similar groups came up. These included the Environmental Protection Agency by former President Richard Nixon. Earth Day paved the way for the 1992 UN Earth Summit.

To prevent ecological ruin, the world must apply the brake on climate change.

Renewable energy can tackle climate change

Earth Day 2000 addressed the issue of global warming and switching over to alternate sources of energy. These are Renewable Energy and cover solar power, wind power, and electricity. When Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico in 2017, Elon Musk sent across solar power systems for the hospitals.

The Independent UK adds that on the 40th anniversary of Earth Day in 2010, the focus was on planting trees to improve the green cover. Then came the historic Paris accord on climate change, where leaders from 175 countries agreed to limit global warming to certain levels. In February 2020, the horrors of climate change came to the surface when a nine-day heatwave in Antarctica melted away large chunks of ice in Eagle Island. Hurricanes, cyclones, floods, and sea-level rise are a few dangers that the world faces due to global warming. Hurricanes and cyclones uproot trees and the debris blocking the roads leading to disruption of travel. This damages the infrastructure and poses problems to society.

Restoring them is not only a long-drawn process but is also a costly affair. Sea level rise displaces people who reside in coastal regions, and they have to relocate to higher regions.

Green technologies and innovative thinking can arrest climate change

According to Firstpost, Earth Day provides a platform to discuss global warming, pollution, and deforestation. The theme of 2021 is "Restore Our Earth." It will focus on natural processes to tackle climate change. Some of these are green technologies and innovative thinking. There is a need to restore the ecosystems. Fossil fuels generate greenhouse gases that are responsible for global warming. Therefore, switching over to alternative fuels can help to check this. Many countries have realized this and are going in for electric vehicles. Joe Biden wants electric vehicles to replace the existing fleet of government-owned vehicles.