America wants to assign a priority to climate change because the country had ignored the subject for four years even after the 2015 Paris accord. VOA News mentions that President Joe Biden realizes the importance of controlling climate change and wants to have a global summit on the subject. This single factor creates climatic disorders from droughts and floods to sea level rise. These destroy the environment, disturb the ecological balance and heap miseries on the people who, along with other living beings, lose their habitats. They have to begin life all over again.

The White House plans to evolve 2030 targets for greenhouse gas emissions before the summit of April 22-23. An official of a Washington-based environmental research and advocacy group explains that the summit will provide an opportunity to show to the world that America is serious on the subject.

Other countries want America to make the first move on climate change

It is a fact that global temperatures are rising. This is borne out by increasing instances of droughts and forest fires apart from melting of glaciers and breaking away of icebergs. VOA News says China is waiting to see the nature of action that the United States has in mind. Other smaller countries are expected to follow China. They want America to lead the way.

In the opinion of experts, the decade of the 2020s could define the future. Scientists link the increase in temperatures to various climatic disorders. They also point out that the rate of temperature rise has accelerated since the 1980s. US President-elect Joe Biden had indicated that climate change was a priority for him.

Fighting climate change is an opportunity to create jobs

The Biden administration believes that fighting climate change could create new employment opportunities. These could be in areas related to Renewable Energy like wind and solar power. Another area could be to the electric vehicle charging infrastructure because electric vehicles would replace those that depend on fossil fuels.

These generate greenhouse gases that give rise to global warming. Exploring alternative options could make homes and buildings more efficient. Tackling the menace of climate change could translate into a high value infrastructure plan and generate employment. In America, Congress has to clear the plan and Republicans might not be on the same frequency with the Democrats. Soon after taking over office, President Joe Biden passed executive orders on climate change.

Britain to take action on climate change

According to Sky News, Britain is also serious about climate change. Number 10 describes it as "the greatest challenge that we face." Its delegate is traveling to Japan to garner support ahead of the Leaders Summit on Climate.

U.S. President Joe Biden will host this virtual summit. Boris Johnson wants to impress upon other world leaders to maintain momentum on tackling global warming. Britain is set to host the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow in November. It realizes the importance of reaching a target of net zero carbon output by the middle of the century. As the delegate of Britain says: "The climate crisis is the greatest challenge that we face and it is our duty to address it.” The need of the hour is to restore the green cover and the world has to invest in new technologies and create employment. The 2015 Paris accord on climate change took a decision to keep global warming to certain levels. America, Britain, Japan and the EU are the major carbon-producing countries. They have agreed to check carbon emissions in order to reach net zero by 2050. China is another major carbon-producing country and it expects to reach net zero by 2060.