The Storm Prediction Center SPC says millions of people in the Southeast could face powerful storms. Possible tornadoes could leave roads blocked by uprooted trees and downed power lines. These could pose problems for travel. High-speed winds of up to 80 mph accompanied by rainfall could leave homes damaged. The damages could extend to infrastructures, and restoring these is time-consuming and involves funds. Forecasters predict there could be stronger ones that could bring heavy downpours with hails. The SPC mentions about 21 tornadoes. These would be across Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana.

An official of the National Weather Service NWS says: “It's really after dark that we're going to see our highest severe weather threat.” The problem aggravates because of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic.

Daily Mail UK says the weatherman expects several tornadoes. The winds would be of hurricane force, and there could be large size hails. These will pose dangers to the communities with possible risks to lives if the tornadoes strike after dark. There have been instances of roofs flying off. In March 2017, a total of 22 tornadoes hit the Midwest and left three dead.

Loss of power due to the tornadoes

The high-speed winds blew down many signboards with reports of large size hailstones from some places.

Thousands of homes and businesses from Texas to Alabama had to do without power. With the prediction of more storms, the cleanup work will have to wait. There are more than 50 tornado warnings in place. The climatic disorder affected schools that had to cancel classes. To maintain continuity, they switched over to online coaching.

Daily Mail UK mentions about coronavirus vaccination programs that had to be canceled in Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee. That could lead to problems for those who needed the vaccine on priority.

Location of shelters when tornadoes strike

Gov. Kay Ivey placed Alabama under a state of emergency. The communities must be aware of the location of shelters when tornadoes strike.

Daily Mail UK adds the social media can play a valuable role in such situations by sharing helpful information. Shelters can help people to remain in groups and share their thoughts. In March last year, tornadoes in Nashville and central Tennessee left at least 25 dead.

People try to escape from the furies of tornadoes

According to USA Today, tornadoes have unleashed fury across different parts of the United States. The Storm Prediction Center cautions people in the Southeast on big twisters that remain active on the ground for long distances. Winds of up to 80 mph and destructive hail will accompany them. Thousands of homes and businesses in Mississippi and Alabama faced the loss of power. The SPC talks about at least nine tornadoes across the South.

The breakdown was six in Alabama, two in Mississippi, and one in Louisiana. There are no reports of injuries. Usually, the weatherman issues a tornado warning when the weather services detect a storm. The SPC issued a rare "particularly dangerous situation" PDS tornado watch. The issue of this category of watch is when there is a high risk of strong or violent, long-track tornadoes. SPC has issued a Level 5, "high risk" warning for severe storms in certain areas. This is the highest level of risk and the first time since 2012 for issue of such a warning in March. The climatic disturbance has far-reaching implications because many people might have to begin life all over again if they lose the roof over their heads. Those who have to get vaccinated against coronavirus will have to wait for normalcy to return.