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Overwatch is an objective-based multiplayer game released on May 24, 2016 by Blizzard Entertainment.

  1. What is Overwatch?
  2. Where can you play?
  3. How do you play?
  4. How many game modes are available?

What is Overwatch?

Overwatch is a multiplayer first-person shooter game which was developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. The video game is team-based and it's reached enormous popularity since its release in late May of 2016.

Where can you play?

Overwatch is available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, as well as on PC. The game has over 30 million players and with fresh content and consistent updates, it's only getting more popular and gaining more players and fans.

How do you play?

The primary game mode of Overwatch is an objective-based fight between two teams of six players. There are 14 different maps in this mode and they are grouped into four different categories: Assault, Escort, Control and Hybrid maps. The primary mode is divided into quick play and competitive play. In competitive play, players earn personal rating by winning games and they go through different ranks to earn bragging rights. Competitive play rewards players with some amazing rewards and special weapons, and so far, Blizzard has had five seasons of competitive plays for Overwatch.

How many game modes are available?

Beside the primary game mode, Overwatch lets players play arcade and custom games. In these modes, players can pick different rules and mechanics, such as changing cooldown rate of their abilities or changing heroes' overall health.

The game has 25 heroes and just like the maps, the heroes are divided into several categories. Overwatch players can choose from Offense, Defense, Tank and Support heroes. The game had 21 heroes at its launch, and four new heroes were added in various patches. Even though there are four different categories of heroes, most heroes are unique. Heroes can be in the same category but have a different playing style. For example, Roadhog is a high-mobility tank hero who is capable of dealing short-range damage, while Zarya is a low-mobility tank hero who can deal either short or long-range damage.

Overwatch also has special events and these events reward players with special in-game rewards.

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