The Nintendo Switch OLED model is almost here but not everyone is happy about it. That's mainly because many thought it was in fact the previously rumored Switch Pro. The problem is the former doesn't support 4K graphics like the latter is believed to be and it seems that was Nintendo's plan all along.

That hasn't stopped rumors of a 4K-capable model from flooding the internet. In fact, a new report from Bloomberg suggests the existence of such a model that could be available as early as 2022. However, before anyone could get their hopes up, Nintendo has once again contradicted these claims.

Switch Pro or Switch No

In the latest of many reports from Bloomberg, at least 11 game companies were currently in possession of dev kits specifically for a 4K-ready Nintendo Switch model. On questioning, the employees at these companies revealed that they were told by the Japanese company to develop games with resolutions above that of the regular Switch. Bloomberg also claimed that due to supply challenges of key components, this model may not be ready for launch until late 2022.

However, in response to the news, Nintendo declined the existence of such a model, calling Bloomberg's report "inaccurate" without specifying in what way. The company also restated that it had no plans of developing "any new model other than Nintendo Switch – OLED Model." The response was made in a tweet following Bloomberg's report.

Switch Pro looking unlikely

Nintendo's response isn't something that anyone should pick their nose at.

In fact, the idea of a Switch Pro seems to lie outside the realm of possibility given the current conditions of the market. Things seem to be going quite well for the Japanese gaming company where the console in its current state is involved. According to its April-June quarter earnings report, the company had sold 89 million units worldwide despite hardware/software sales being on the decline.

In terms of upgrading, Nintendo has gotten away with just making just minimal tweaks to its design to produce newer yet subtle models. The Switch Lite, the first upgraded model was a stripped-down, solo-device version with an upgraded chipset -- suited for mobile-only play. The second model completely resembled the base model with the only difference being the same upgraded chip as the Lite model.

Finally, the OLED model would feature a slightly larger OLED screen and a dock with a LAN port. It's expected to launch on October 8 for $50 more than the regular model. But none of the models have received the ability to run games at 4K resolution. That's clearly something Nintendo doesn't seem to be interested in at the moment.

However, that doesn't mean the Switch can't have 4K games. Cloud gaming is on the rise and the company is no stranger to it. In fact, some of the titles available on the console are cloud-based and could easily be reworked to stream at 4K resolution. There's also the fact that Nintendo has been disingenuous with its reaction to leaks about their console in the past. Only time will tell.