"Call of Duty: Vanguard's" Season 1 update has ushered in a fresh map as well as new weapons in "Warzone." However, players of the battle royale mode have stumbled upon a blueprint for the MP40 within the Battle Pass as it is as of late deemed as pay to win.

'Warzone' players deem it pay-to-win

"Warzone" player BearPig (@BearPigCentral) was among the first to notice it and took to Twitter to share such discovery. In his tweet, he stated that the MP40 blueprint – which is the Space Issue from the Battle Pass - contains a perk one dubbed "Vital." He explains that this cannot be used unless a player has the blueprint.

The player went on to wonder as to whether this is a bug or early stages of pay to win (P2W).

Other "Warzone" players are now calling it pay-to-win since MP40's Space Issue blueprint can only be unlocked by purchasing the Battle Pass and reaching the 45th tier. For the uninitiated, the Vital perk is not included on a typical loadout of the said weapon, according to Dexerto.

Devs might've forgotten it

Also, within Vanguard's beta version, this Vital perk can be equipped alongside the MP40, though it was taken off prior to "Call of Duty: Vanguard's" release.

With that in mind, there's that possibility that the developer – Sledgehammer Games – might have forgotten to take it off from the blueprint before rolling out the Battle Pass.

Mixed reports are coming in

In line with this, some players have been pointing out mixed claims after using the Space Issue blueprint. There are those who felt that the MP40 is inflicting more damage with the blueprint equipped, but some "Warzone" players believe that it was just a visual bug.

Meanwhile, well-known "Call of Duty" content creator JGOD commented on Bear's tweet, stating that he already tried and had fun with it. He pointed out, though, that he's not yet certain if it's working as intended since he has yet to run some tests on it.

As of publication, the developer has yet to comment about such discovery by players.

"Call of Duty: Vanguard" Season 1 marks the beginning of a new era of "Warzone" by merging Caldera, and the entirety of "Vanguard" has to offer into the battle royale shooter. Moreover, "Call of Duty" players were presented with a loaded Battle Pass with 100 tiers of rewards up for grabs.

Audio issues in Caldera

As for Caldera, players have slammed the map's audio issues as they claim that it's a challenge for them to hear their enemy's footsteps with all the explosions that have been going on during the match.

JGOD – in one of his YouTube videos – has also brought this issue up, stating that it is challenging to hear with all the background noises while playing "Warzone" on that map. He added that the explosions sound like footsteps "it's kind of wild," adding that the devs may need to tone it down a little as the ambient noise, according to him, is "way too loud."