Members from the "Destiny 2" community have been pitching ideas about what they believe could make the lore-rich title even better. One of them is the Destiny Item Manager (DIM) developer who recently tweeted a suggestion regarding the game's loadout system.

A 'Destiny 2' pitch

Per the tweet, it was noted, "All we need is Bungie to give DIM the same authorization that exists today within the Destiny Companion App." The dev refers to GETREKT's Director and Founder AN00BIS (@AN00BISDesigns) where he tweeted a short clip detailing a "Destiny 2" UI concept.

It showed:

  • A new icon system displays loadout selection for each activity
  • Activity profiles save weapon choices, mods, shaders, etc.

AN00BIS went on to note that provided that this comes to fruition in "Destiny 2," Guardians won't be going through the hassle of having to rebuild their characters whenever they switch activities. This tweet got quite the attention among "D2" players, which indicates that the player base digs the said idea.

Also on Reddit

Now back to DIM's tweet, that one gained traction over on the "Destiny 2" subreddit, as this was noticed by one of the Bungie folks. Per the response, the staff stated that they try to limit the usage of API calls that might have "liability" attached to them, either actual or perceived.

It went on to note that it's an ongoing conversation.

The response came after a "Destiny 2" player highlighted that Bungie does not allow what the player describes as "destructive commands" within third-party apps that basically deletes/uses resources like a glimmer.

Additionally, that player commented that if the developer just gets rid of the glimmer cost from equipping mods, then the "D2" will be all set.

'D2' player's request regarding a Titan Exotic

Meanwhile, another post from the game's subreddit also caught players' attention as the OP is requesting Bungie devs to give the Titan's Dunemarchers Exotic leg armor a much-needed fix.

The post pointed out how overpowered the Exotic is since it can eliminate other players halfway across the map right after meleeing another Guardian.

Dmg took notice of it and revealed that it's now being looked at by the dev team and is scheduled to be rolled out on a future patch. Further, the senior community manager explained that upon further digging, the concern with the said "Destiny 2" Exotic was due to a couple of separate bugs pinpointing the nature of the issue.

That said, many from the "Destiny 2" community were delighted to learn that a fix is on the way. Nonetheless, some believe that the Dunemarchers could be reworked entirely due to the update time.