Video game designer and artist Keita Takahashi have just released a teaser trailer for an upcoming title. Details are scarce about the gameplay mechanics, plot, or even platforms, but what little has been exposed showcases the auteur's distinct minimalist art style. What is known is that the title is headed by his studio Uvula and being published by Annapurna.

We love Katamari

Keita Takahashi really made a name for himself in the gaming industry with the cult classic "Katamari Damacy" for the PlayStation 2. The game puts players in control as the prince of the cosmos, who is tasked by his father to restore the stars in the galaxy after the latter destroys them in an accident.

By rolling a sticky ball known as a Katamari, players accumulate as many objects as possible to make it grow to a size sufficient to take its place among the stars. Everything and everyone that's not nailed down is fair game to roll up. As the game begins, the Katamari is so small that it can only pick up pieces of candy and mice. By the end of the game, however, it gets so big that it can pick up entire countries.

Upon release, the game was acclaimed for its unique gameplay, wonderful diverse soundtrack, and distinct style. Sales in Japan were average but still below publisher Namco's expectations. North American retailers regarded the game as a niche title and purchased very few copies. However, it proved to be a sleeper hit, causing the game to become sold out in the country.

Namco commissioned a follow-up despite Takahashi voicing reservations about the idea. He was then given an ultimatum: either he takes on the follow-up title, or development would proceed without him. Reluctantly, Takahashi took directorial reigns once again and took the sequel, "We Love Katamari" in a much more self-aware direction, with characters becoming aware of their video game nature.

After the release of "Noby Noby Boy," Takahashi would leave the industry altogether to design playgrounds for children.

From Namco to Annapurna

However, he'd return to the medium with suitably oddball titles such as "Alphabet" and "Wattam" – the latter published by Annapurna Interactive. Sony was slated to publish the game before they withdrew support for Annapurna to take their place.

The American publisher has made a name for itself with a series of distinct, auteur-driven titles such as "Outer Wilds," "Kentucky Route Zero," "Donut County," and most recently "Stray" for the PlayStation 5 and Windows. Recently the publisher revealed many of its upcoming titles in its second annual Interactive Showcase. Among these titles was the game as mentioned above from Keita Takahashi and his studio, Uvula. Below is a teaser for the upcoming game.

In an industry filled with so many titles that feel more like products than someone's vision, it's reassuring to know that there's still room for uncompromised titles from names such as Ron Gilbert, Toby Fox, or Keita Takahashi.