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'Fallout 4' is the latest entry in the long-running 'Fallout' series and the only one to show us life before the war. Despite being released in 2015, the game stays active in the modding and development scene.

In 'Fallout 4', the player takes control of the Sole Survivor of Vault 111 210 years after nuclearbombsturn the United States of America into a wasteland. The game combines post-apocalyptic Boston with an aesthetic reminiscent of the 1950s and 1960s from the music to the art style. The gameplay revolves around an open-world based on the real-world city of Boston with DLC based off ofDisney Worldand Bar Harbor, referred to in-game as The Commonwealth, Nuka World, and Far Harbor respectively.

Before the Bombs

'Fallout 4' is the first game in the series to show the world before the bombs fell in October of 2077, granting a unique view of life immediately preceding the events of the series. The player starts by customizing two characters, one of whom will be the playable character throughout the game. Customizing both characters allows the game to generate a child who is increasingly relevant as the story progresses. After the player leaves the character creator, they are treated to a slightly festive house reminiscent of aNorman Rockwellpainting. In the sequence, they are greeted by a Vault-Tech salesman who allows for further customization including skills and a name. (As an easter egg, the Mr. Handy, Codsworth is able to say almost1000names!) The sequence ends as the bombs fall and the player and their family run to the nearby vault, the series's commercial fallout shelter.

The Fallout

The player isfrozenand unfrozen over the course of 210 years, during which their spouse is shot and their childabducted, acting as the catalyst for the Sole Survivor (named for obvious reasons) to exit the vault and explore the new environment created by the destruction and regrowth of Boston and the outlying suburbs, now referred to as The Commonwealth. The player then has the choice to follow the main quest and search for their son, or simply explore the vast landscape populated with countless quests, settlements, and characters.

Despite being released in late 2015, the game continues to have athrivingcommunity with the active development of mods by both amateurs and professionals via the Creation Kit and the Creation Club. This lore-heavy installment in the series should stay engaging to fans foryearsto come.

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