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The need to protect our environment has become crucial. Subscribe to this channel to find out why and keep yourself updated.

In the Environment channel, you will obtain all the latest news and learn about development happening in this sphere across the planet in in-depth articles. Highlighting large-scale projects to smaller efforts being done to mitigate the negative impacts of our actions on our environment, our articles will leave you enriched. You will also learn how, you, as an individual, may make incremental changes that can ultimately add up to a major shift.

Why should we be advocating for the protection of our environment?

The avalanche of horrendous consequences caused by damages to our environment has made it clear that we need to protect our natural environment and aim at reversing its degradation as well.

Certain types of degradation caused by overconsumption, technology and by populations themselves have nevertheless been declared permanent and irreversible. Across the world, governments have adopted policies and procedures to conserve the natural resources and restrain activities causing environmental degradation.

A responsible approach towards our environment is solicited

Worldwide, countries have made voluntary environment agreements, urging companies in industrialized countries to move beyond the minimum regulatory standards and work for the protection of the environment and natural resources. In certain countries, decision-making processes also include an ecosystems approach to resource management and environmental protection.

Our resources are vulnerable

Our planet’s resources are vulnerable as they are constantly subject to human impacts across the globe. To reduce and manage the magnitude of these impacts, countries have been struggling to find a consensus on codes of conducts and international agreements having legal implications.

The first agreement dates back to 1910. One of the well-known agreements is the Kyoto Protocol. In certain countries, such as Tanzania, protection of the environment even started in 1884 under German occupation through the enactment of conservation laws.

The Nordic countries are leading the shift

The Nordic countries are reputed for their devotion towards conservation of the environment as well as their massive investment in renewable resources. While Finland is working to obtain at least 38% of its total energy from renewable by 2020, Iceland already gets 85% of its energy from renewable sources. The country prides itself in its great air quality. Sweden, on the other hand, has an incredible water quality. Countries like Afghanistan, Niger, and Somalia lag behind for various reasons such as illegal hunting, deforestation, over fishing and a failure to protect biodiversity.