The finale of "Dancing with the Stars: Athletes" is on Monday, May 21 with the final three contestants: Adam Rippon, Josh Norman, and Tonya Harding. It will be good to watch the last of only four episodes in this season to see who the winner will be. The winner is expected to be Adam Rippon with Josh Norman as the first runner-up and Tonya Harding coming in third place.

Why Adam Rippon will win

Just coming from the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Adam Rippon is set to win because he has everything going for him. He really wanted to be on ABC's "Dancing With The Stars: Athletes." It has been obvious since the beginning, and he has talked about it throughout the short season.

He has given it his all through the dances with his professional partner Jenna Johnson. The 28-year-old figure skater has a pleasing personality and has said nothing negative about his time on the show.

Rippon has a huge fan base. Viewers believe he was cheated out of the gold and silver medal for his performances on the ice at the Olympics. He walked away with a bronze medal, but he has never complained about that. He knows within his heart that he is a good figure skater. Fans couldn't vote for him at the Olympics, but they have been voting for him on the dance competition show.

Rippon has never been in jeopardy at the end of any of the episodes. Besides, Adam’s biggest competitor figure skater Mirai Nagasu was eliminated last week.

Josh Norman will come in second

Josh Norman and Sharna Burgess have done exceptionally well.

However, the cornerback for the Washington Redskins of the National Football League is not predicted to come ahead of Rippon even though there have been a lot of surprise winners on the popular dance competition show. Last week's guest judge David Ross can attest to that. He surprised viewers by being the runner-up in Season 24 when Rashad Jennings was the champion.

Fans believe Norman would stand a good chance of winning if Rippon wasn't competing. However, they believe Norman and Burgess have done enough to end up in second place.

Tonya Harding will end up in third place

Even though Tonya Harding will likely end up in third place, she will be pleased to have made it that far. She didn't think America would vote for her based on her past reputation. She wanted to show America that learning to dance has nothing to do with the scandal that preceded her.

These predictions are not official. Viewers will find out for sure who the winner of the Mirror Ball trophy will be on the finale. Tune in on Monday, May 21 at 8 PM for the final episode of the season.