Even with the unimaginable and insurmountable depth of pain and stress that the 2008 disappearance and discovery of their toddler granddaughter Caylee Anthony put on their marriage, the parents of Casey Anthony are still together several years following the Florida trial of their daughter. Caylee was not reported missing by her mother but by her grandmother, E! News reported.

'Tot Mom' was acquitted in 2011

Though Casey was accused of playing a role in her little girl’s disappearance, she was acquitted, in 2011, of murder as well as aggravated manslaughter, by a jury.

Nancy Grace dubbed Casey “Tot Mom,” a moniker that the media and public quickly latched onto, wanting to quickly identify her as the mother of the little girl dumped in a trash bag – not even a mile from her grandparents’ Orlando, Florida, home.

Caylee's death still a mystery

To this day, the disappearance and death of Caylee is enshrouded in rumors and speculation. Not a single person or entity has definitively explained when, what, and how the toddler ended up on a wooded roadside with duct tape hanging from her face.

Caylee’s grandparents, however, recently granted an interview to Dr.

Mehmet Oz, Extra TV reported. It is not shocking that her parents stated that Casey is reportedly dating an unnamed person; after all, she never made the call, notifying law enforcement that her toddler mysteriously disappeared.

The aspect that is troubling is why she has not gone all out to find out what really happened to her little girl.

She convinced everyone she had no role in her daughter’s disappearance, her death, or dumping her in a wooded area.

Blaming George Anthony is not the answer

Many parents would not stop short of searching for answers until their dying days. Even when many other people seem to lose hope that a missing child will ever be found, there are parents who do not give in to despair and who persist in wanting to know what happened to their child.

Maybe Casey thinks she already knows, but that answer should not entail scapegoating or blaming her father, George.

Moving on and dating

George and Cindy told Dr. Oz, on October 25, that Casey is dating someone. Maybe Casey deserves happiness just as much as anyone else. However, there is something unsettling when it comes to thinking about who she could be dating. Who has the capacity to overlook her past and all the questions that still remain?

There is nothing attractive about a woman who could go on living as if nothing was wrong while her small child was reportedly missing.

The thought of it is enough to make for plenty of nightmares.

Father does not trust daughter

Her father told Dr. Oz that, to this day, he does not trust his daughter. He said he cannot trust her or “the things she's going to say,” E! News reported. Cindy Anthony believes her granddaughter died in an accidental manner.

The couple appeared in May on an A&E special. At that time, George said that he and his wife “must have raised a really bad seed somewhere,” admitting that, “I don’t understand it.” He’s not alone.

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